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A Must Read for Freelance Comic Creators


(September 13, 2023) The success of indie comics like THE WALKING DEAD, SCOTT PILGRIM, HELLBOY,  and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES have inspired writers, artists and would-be publishers to try to break into the comic book industry, only to discover that the business of comics is chaotic and complex. Enter attorney, author, and business consultant Gamal Hennessy and his new book, The Business of Freelance Comic Book Publishing, a must-read for anyone in the business of freelance comic creation. The book aims to help its readers develop a business model for their services, leverage the assets they offer to the industry, and transform their skill, time, and creativity into financial gain.

“The vast majority of modern comic book characters and stories are created, designed, or produced by freelance creators,” said writer Gamal Hennessy. “But how do these professionals enter this strange world? How do they acquire the skills needed to create comic art? How do they find work? And how do they get paid? Anyone interested in becoming a freelance comic creator or hiring them for a comic book project should understand the answers to these questions and explore the commercial realities of the art form to maximize their chances of success, and The Business of Freelance Comic Book Publishing is designed to help you achieve those goals.”

The Business of Freelance Comic Book Publishing is the follow-up to The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing, a project that exceeded its goal by 600% in 2020. It also contains insights and research generated from the professional online comic book community, Comics Connection, as well as a foreword by Andy Schmidt, a writer, editor, and publisher with twenty-five years of experience in comics. . The book is edited by Joseph Illidge, a veteran writer and editor for DC, Heavy Metal, Valiant, and Lion Forge.

“There are fundamental differences between working freelance in comic books and being a comic book publisher,” added Hennessey. “They have different legal relationships to the story, different financial goals, and different definitions of success. While my first book establishes the foundations of launching a comic book company, this new book takes an in-depth look at establishing yourself as a professional freelance comic book creator.”

“If you want to hire and work with freelance creators, this book will help you understand the motivations and stress that are inherent in being a modern-day artistic nomad,” said editor Joseph Illidge. “Hopefully, this book can help improve the working conditions on both sides and improve the business of comics as a whole.”



Check out the praise for the previous book, The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing:

“[ICP] seeks to demystify the process of transforming ideas into finished comic books — and how to sell them. It’s one thing to have the idea for a comic book, but making that a reality is another thing altogether — which is where The Business of Independent Comic Book Publishing, will come in handy.”



“A lot of people over the years have asked me if there’s a good single source for all the business info you need as an independent comic creator or publisher. The answer, now, is yes. This is a really good resource – well-organized, thorough, and easy to follow. It is worth your support.”

— FORBES’ Rob Salkowitz


“Absolutely essential for comics creators.”



“An incredibly thorough must-read!”

—COMICS WATCH’s Cody White


“A comprehensive overview of the business of comic book publishing to help those interested avoid pitfalls and get a leg up in breaking in whether you’re making comics or publishing them.”



“A detailed guide for folks who want to publish their own comics.”



“A B2B guide for the next Robert Kirkman, Eastman & Laird or Raina Telgemeier out there, brimming with ideas but maybe not expert in how to protect their assets.”



“A MUST for anyone involved in the comic book industry in any capacity!”

— POP CULT HQ’s Jason Bennett


To visit the campaign, which is live on Kickstarter  click here: The Business of Freelance Comic Book Publishing

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