Eromanga Sensei Volume 3 Review

Written By: Tsukasa Fushimi

Artist: rin

Published By: Dark Horse Comics


After being subsequently shut down by his shut in little step-sister Sagiri, Masamune resides himself to simply wanting to be her older brother, as well as help her escape her life as a hikikomori. So he begins to work on his new dream, to turn the manuscript he wrote in tribute to his sister, made into an anime! A lot more complicated than it sounds, as he has no clue on how to write a proposal for it. Fortunately the lolita dressing, popular light novelist Elf Yamada needs saving and is willing to do “anything” in return.


I’m back again with the latest Volume of Eromanga Sensei from Dark Horse Comics. In the last volume, Masamune wrote a manuscript depicting his sister as the heroine and more or less declaring his love for her. After being rejected, he decides to focus on just playing the role of the older brother. He turns the situation around and finds inspiration in the manuscript. If he can succeed in getting it made into an anime, he will get a new TV for the living room, enticing his little sister out of her room in order to watch the anime of their light novel together. Thus getting her further out into the real world again. A simple dream to speak of, but it’s a long road ahead in order to make it a reality. This series has yet again given us another glimpse into the life of a light novelist and the industry from a writer’s point of view. From deadlines to procrastination, a difference in work ethics, the pressure of agents and trying to get the go ahead on a new series idea from your editor. All the while trying to keep a normal life and not become a total recluse from society.

Sagiri actually makes some good character development in this issue as she interacts with two people, other than her brother. Although she only meets with Elf through a computer screen, the two really do hit it off. This happens mostly because of Elfs’ personality, which just seems to draw people in unbeknownst to them. The other person I will leave as a surprise, as it certainly caught me off guard how that interaction ended. And thus once again we get to see Sagiri’s more devilish nature, which takes everyone aback, especially her new friends. Seriously the last chapter in this volume is a doozy, but I certainly could not spoil that for you!


We are getting closer and closer to Sagiri actually interacting with other humans outside of a screen! It’s progress that’s for sure. It’ll be interesting to see what develops next in Volume 4. Now at the minute I can not find a release date for Volume 4, but I can only guess it would be next year. Just keep checking the Dark Horse Comics website every couple of weeks for any updates.

Eromanga Sensei began as a light novel series back in 2013, by Tsukasa Fushimi who also pens the manga series Oreimo. With the Eromanga Sensei Light Novel series still on going with 11 volumes at present, this manga series began publishing several months later in 2014 with 8 volumes currently available in Japan. Dark Horse Comics is releasing the manga in English, with just the first three volumes out thus far. For those of you who can’t wait to see what happens, Eromanga Sensei was also adapted into a 12 episode anime series back in 2017 by A-1 Pictures. Which is rumored to be out this September on BluRay, but can you guess what distribution company will be releasing it? Comment below with your guesses.

Overall: 8/10

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