Eromanga Sensei Volume 2 Review

Written By: Tsukasa Fushimi

Artist: rin

Published By: Dark Horse Comics


Masamune Izumi is not only a freshman in High School, but is also a published light novelist. He is not the only talented member in his family, as his younger sister Sagiri is the much acclaimed and sought after illustrator- Eromanga Sensei. Izumi has some serious competition when it comes to book sales and sheer talent, in the form of the charming lolitha dressed author – Elf Yamada. Unfortunately she has just moved in next door, into the much rumored haunted house. Will Izumi take this chance to either spy on his competition or find inspiration?

As we established in the first volume, little sister Sagiri is what is known as a hikikomori in Japan. To everyone else, it means she is a shut in. Someone who doesn’t leave the house or their room, refusing to attend school or social gatherings. With all of her spare time however, Sagiri has practised her art and has become an accomplished manga artist, all whilst keeping her identity a secret and going under the pen name Eromanga Sensei. This does mean though that she has not attended school in some time, which has provoked her fellow classmate Megumi to make it her mission to see her return – no matter what it takes.


Izumi on the other hand has hit a bit of a slump when it comes to his writing. However when the opportunity arises when a well accomplished author movies in next door, Izumi see’s it as a chance to learn from the best. In their time together he soon realises their work ethics are entirely different. This is such a nice in depth look into how different authors can be, even if they both write the same genre, each have their own approach to their work. Some see it as a full time job, other’s as a hobby, while some don’t even see it as work, but more of an artform. Refusing to put pen to paper until they are sure what they are writing is worth publishing.

Not only is Izumi a tad stressed about his manuscript ideas being shot down by his manager, he is also now contending against Elf Yamada for the opportunity to have Eromanga Sensei work on their next series. Obviously since learning the true identity of his illustrator, Izumi does not want to lose his only chance of having a bond with his little sister. So he becomes determined to beat Elf Yamada, by initiating a writing contest with Eromanga Sensei as the prize. A bold but stupid move on his behalf, you’ll just have to pick up this Volume to find out if it all pays off in the end. Also to see his little sister’s reaction to his absurd idea.


This manga series is insightful in some ways as we do get to see what it’s like to be a teenage author, whose work is being published. However they did have to add in the extra element that was his little sister and how she has become secluded from reality. I believe they did this for the sole purpose it would appeal to more readers, as they probably didn’t believe the story would have lasted long without some cute girls. I can see why, the plot would be quite boring without Sagiri involved. As to what is to come in Volume 3, I’m not sure but my guess is another rival artist or another author will make an appearance. Who knows, Izumi may get another neighbour.

Eromanga Sensei began as a light novel series back in 2013, by Tsukasa Fushimi who also pens the manga series as well as Oreimo. With the Light Novel series still on going with 11 volumes at present, this manga series began publishing several months later in 2014 with 8 volumes currently available in Japan. At the moment there are two available in English, with more coming this year from Dark Horse Comics. For those of you who can’t wait to see what happens, Eromanga Sensei was also adapted into a 12 episode anime series back in 2017 by A-1 Pictures. Which is rumored to be out this September on BluRay, but can you guess what distribution company will be releasing it? Comment below with your guesses.

Eromanga Sensei Volume 3 will be out this coming July from Dark Horse Comics.

Overall: 7/10

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