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From critically acclaimed one-person studio Memory of God, emotional narrative game The End of You moves on to PC on 20th June
Sometimes, you have to say goodbye a thousand times over.

Manchester, England – 7th May 2024: Solo developer Memory of God – creator of the critically acclaimed The Stillness of the Wind – today announced his first new project in over 5 years, The End of You, will be coming to PC via Steam and on 20th June 2024!

Step into the shoes of Walter, a middle aged man searching for and reluctantly packing away all the objects from a past relationship. Heartbreak exists in every crevice and in the seemingly most ordinary items.

Immerse yourself in Walter’s 1 bedroom apartment: watch videos on the TV, listen to cassette tapes, browse the shelves, have a shower, chill on the sofa, smoke on the balcony, try to get some sleep. Anything to avoid confronting the uncomfortable memories of the past; reliving the things you did- and didn’t- say, that led to the inevitable end. Shame and regret lie behind every choice you make as you repeat the same mistakes, while the age-old unanswerable question hounds you – could things have ended differently?

Can all the ghosts and the heavy weight of the past fit in a cardboard box? It seems impossible, and yet, you will try anyway. Wrestle with Walter’s mental health, listen to the whispers of old memories, and ultimately, hopefully, find some closure.

With an average playtime of less than an hour, the game is designed to present a whole, complete narrative journey in one sitting. Face love lost, the ghosts of the past, and the painful crawl towards closure on June 20th when The End of You launches on Steam:

Store pages: Steam
Twitter/X: @memoryofgod

About Memory of God
Coyan Cardenas aka ‘Memory of God’ is the solo developer and director of Lambic Studios. After releasing his first commercial title, The Stillness of the Wind in 2019, Memory of God took a 5 year hiatus to focus on his own mental health in the wake of burnout and a late ADHD diagnosis.

Sparked by a break up with a long term partner in his own life, The End of You was developed as a cathartic, self-reflective exercise to process his own thoughts and feelings about past relationships, with the hope that through playing the game perhaps others going through similar struggles could potentially find some consolation.

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