Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Review

Developer: FromSoftware, Inc

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X (Reviewed) |S

Genre: Action, RPG

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment


Reviewed on Xbox Series X, Elden Ring is a game that is not limited to a single platform. It’s available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One, Series X, and Xbox Series S, making it accessible to many gamers. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has arrived. The highly anticipated expansion of the fantastic Elden Ring (released in 2022) is ready for eager gamers to explore and experience. It’s an incredible new journey for fans of the series.

First, to play the new DLC, you need to beat two of the fantastic bosses in the base game: Starscourage Radahn, which is a unique boss fight and a masterpiece in itself, and Mohg, Lord of Blood. The developers recommend a level of 150 ish for playing the DLC, but depending on how skilful you are, this will vary; it’s a good guideline. I was 180 plus when I started the DLC; this didn’t make it much easier, and the difficulty level is high!


Embarking on the journey of Elden Ring, a challenging, open-world RPG, is not for the faint of heart. It’s a game that will test your skills and patience, with each victory and discovery bringing a sense of accomplishment that makes the journey worth every death.

I have been preparing for the DLC by playing the base game Elden Ring for the last few weeks, as it has been a while since I last picked it up in anger. The practice and remembering where I had left off helped tremendously, and I enjoyed the new DLC even more. I needed to remember most of the game mechanics and what the buttons do, as the DLC expects a character of level 150 plus.


Instantly, you are hit with this vast open world full of gravestones, giving you this massive sense of the game size. The game offers very subtle clues as to where to go, but once you start exploring, you will uncover a path where you will encounter some amazing monsters, even at the very start of the DLC. Again, this sense of exploration and discovery makes Elden Ring stand out; you play the game as you see fit; you can use all the game mechanics or some; it’s your choice. Like the original game, you don’t need to defeat every foe you encounter.

In this new world, as well as the levelling mechanism, there are a couple of extra new mechanics to help buff your character in the shadow realm; you will encounter these upgrade items throughout the lands, and the sites of grace provide respite in the world.


I played for approximately 25 hours and faced three main bosses. The bosses were terrific and formidable, and many lower-level bosses were also challenging. The bosses have a vast scale, and beating any boss in this game is an achievement. I love the Elden Ring experience, where you explore a cavernous dungeon, go through these vast maps, and encounter an enemy that tops it off. A giant and terrifying boss that makes the experience feel like such an achievement if you prevail.  

When you aren’t going through the dungeons, there is a vast world to explore where you will encounter some fantastic creatures and monsters who will put your skills to the test. You will discover oversized bosses in the open world where you can fight them or run off depending on your level of courage!



Like in the base game, there are a plethora of dungeons, NPCs, and side missions to uncover, which will require more than one playthrough. The level design and new weapons are fantastic additions to the game, allowing the players to learn and use another new set of skills and attacks. The game leverages the main game mechanics as it is an expansion, and this new Shadow Realm is a new land to enjoy and discover.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a fantastic expansion that builds on the base game and adds through it by adding more mechanics and gameplay options, including a whole number of new weapons that change your gameplay style depending on your choice.


The Elden Ring gaming experience is the most compelling and unique I have ever had. Its open world and lack of hand-holding throughout the game encourage discovery and exploration. I am still discovering new things in Elden Ring after 200 hours of gameplay! The DLC continues in the exact nature, but the enemies and general difficulty are higher from the get-go; at this stage, you have played the base game and know what you are in for. The new bosses are significantly challenging, even more than the base game. The game has moments of awe, frustration, and a whole set of other emotions. This rollercoaster of emotions and a solid, fantastically built makes the DLC a thorough joy to play. It’s one of the best games of the last decade, and the expansion makes it even more fun.

Overall: 10/10

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