EGX 2023 – The Games Part 2

As part of a recent trip to EGX, we got hands-on previews of various games from indie to the biggest studios in the world and a throwback to some retro arcade classics, too.



Two Strikes is a hand-drawn samurai beat ’em up. That plays as wonderful as it looks! It’s available on Steam with very positive reviews. I have never played this before, and it was stunning. The art style is fantastic, too.


Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is an arcade bump and jump platformer with a bright retro gaming look and feel. It’s colourful, chaotic and, most importantly, lots of fun! Playable demo on Steam!




Power Wash Simulator – Back to the Future Special Pack published by SquareEnix is a quirky Back to the Future theme Power Wash Simulator, which I found strangely fun!


Sonic Superstars by Sega was epic, and it’s a classic platformer that has taken the 90’s formula and updated it for current generation consoles. Rather than just being 2D, they have gone for 2.5D style, which gives them that extra slickness. The campaign mode supports four players locally. PvP is both local and online with cross-play too! It’s available on Switch, Xbox, Sony and PC.

Retro Games

I was surprised by the sheer number of retro arcade cabinets. This is just a list of the sample of games I played.


Golden Axe, the Sega classic, is still impressive. 


Shinobi is just a classic side-scrolling platformer again by Sega.


The Nintendo classic Donkey Kong is such a throwback.


Street Fighter II (Championship Edition), Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct are fantastic beat ’em-ups that shaped the genre. 


R-Type, Ghouls’ n Ghosts, and After Burner were a few of the games I played that really showed the diversity of games back then.

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