Earl vs. the Mutants – Gameplay Trailer

Your name is Earl. Your job is mowing down mindless mutants attacking humanity. You start this July.

Salt Lake City, United States — May 28, 2024 | Falling State Inc. is delighted to unveil that its chaotic, top-down action-roguelite, Earl vs. the Mutants, is speeding its way towards a July 11 launch on Steam. Soon enough, players will be able to strap themselves into their death machines, and plow through all manner of mutant menaces in a post-apocalyptic battle for survival.

Earl vs. the Mutants hurls players into the battered boots of blue-collar mutant assassin, Earl, in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. Putting a unique spin on the traditional roguelite formula, it foregoes dingy dungeon-crawling and steers players towards high-octane action from behind the wheel, as they commandeer an assortment of vehicles to tackle mutant hordes head-on (in many cases heads off). The aim of the game, ultimately, is survival.

Encouraging a more intense, confrontational style of gameplay, Earl vs. the Mutants urges players to throw themselves into waves of formidable foes instead of diligently dodging. Eradicating irradiated baddies will see them unlock randomized upgrades — from mounted weaponry to devastating drones — to help them craft the ultimate car-tastrophe on wheels. Only truly killer rigs will see off the game’s more brutal bosses.

Following its playable debut at Steam Next Fest earlier this year, the developers have been working hard to overhaul the graphics. With this new lick of paint, the game is now looking and running better than ever before.

Born from longtime fans of action-roguelites, Earl vs. the Mutants promises players all the excitement of the genre, with additional dollops of devastation. July 11 isn’t one that players will want to miss, so be sure to wishlist today on Steam!

Keep up with the latest Earl vs. the Mutants news by following its development on X and YouTube. Also be sure to check out the official websites for the game and its developers, Falling State Inc.

About Earl vs. the Mutants

Earl vs. the Mutants is a high-octane top-down survival action-roguelite, set in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. Create unique and powerful builds by using a combination of vehicle-mounted weapons, attack and support drones, upgrades, and game-changing temporary power-ups! If you can survive long enough, go head-to-head against mutant bosses to claim their vehicles. This fresh take on the survivor genre flips the script: your goal is to collide head-on with enemies, not avoid them!

About Falling State Inc.

Founded in January 2023, Falling State is a three-person studio boasting more than 45 years of collective experience designing and building video games. The self-funded studio is on a mission to deliver exciting new titles that speak for themselves.

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