Dust & Neon – Console Launch Teaser


Experience New Missions and Features Galore While Rounding Up Robot Rabble-Rousers As The Mysterious Cyborg Gunslinger ​​​​​​​

LOS ANGELES – AUGUST 8, 2023 – Get on your boots and warm up those trigger fingers! Rogue Games and David Marquardt Studios have announced that award-winning twin-stick cover-based roguelite shooter Dust & Neon will spin its spurs on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on August 17. As the Grand Winner of the NYX Game Awards 2023, Dust & Neon fires away with loads of unique revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and laser weapon drops – now with a caboodle of new missions and features packed in for good measure! Reload those guns with perfect timing to stay ahead of the curve and decommission those dimwitted robot overlords once and for all.

In Dust & Neon’s brand new missions, would-be outlaws will defend radio beacons, defuse bombs, and take down adversarial automatons in the Challenge Arena. If that ain’t enough, players can brandish new laser weapons or test their aim against the new boss rotation system if they’re feeling lucky. Better get your boots on. It’s gonna be a wild new ride!

Dust & Neon stars a mysterious cyborg gunslinger. After he’s brought back to life by the rat-chasing mad scientist Dr. Finkel, our hero must embark on a Wild West tale through the robot apocalypse in order to restore the world to its former glory. Shoot your shot with the Furious Dual Barrel Embrace of Death, the Frenetic Top Loaded Twenty-Two, or a fierce array of other feisty firearms. Keep those chambers loaded, y’all. You never know when it’s time for the next high caliber showdown.

Dust & Neon will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on August 17. The game is now available on Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.  

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