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London, UK – 28th November 2017: London, 1888, and one of the world’s most infamous killers – a certain Jack The Ripper – is on the loose. With a trio of sleuths at your disposal, it’s your job to right one of history’s wrongs in Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death – an exciting new narrative adventure designed to unearth the secrets behind Whitechapel’s most famous son.

But this is no ordinary re-running of one of London’s darkest days: Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death is a story designed to push boundaries and to tell tales other games might shy away from. It’s an adventure that’s likely to raise a few eyebrows.

Developed by UK studio Salix Games, the immortal knight Sir Lancelot Du Lac and cursed sorceress Morgana Le Fey – both lifted from Arthurian Legend – venture onto the suitably smoggy streets of Victorian London to play their part in unravelling the killings and the seemingly occult motive behind them, with a certain Mary Kelly, Jack the Ripper’s soon to be last victim, potentially offering the key to the mystery.

Du Lac & Fey isn’t like anything else out there,” offers Jessica Saunders, founder of Salix Games. “This is not your average adventure, and it may not be exactly what people are expecting given its setting.  Above all else, we wanted to tell a good story and immerse players into that world. All three of the game’s leads end up discovering more about themselves – and their own demons – than they expected.

“It enables us to do something different with what to some is a familiar story. Traditionally, books, films and TV touching on Jack the Ripper either focus on the police investigation, or Jack himself. Few, if any, take time to look at the story from the victim’s perspective. Taking this approach allows Du Lac & Fey to touch upon the role of women in society, both back then and, comparatively, in the present day. Taking a fresh look at gender roles in the current climate feels like the ideal match.

“There’s also the issue of how the press of the time turned Jack into a media sensation. At a time when ‘fake news’ is the phrase on everybody’s tongues, looking at the role journalists had to play in building the lore around Jack – one that survives to this day – is another key component of play.

“All this comes to the fore as Du Lac, Fey and Kelly delve deeper into the London streets, with their relationships with other characters changing depending on the player’s responses. It’s a tale we’re very proud of, and one that makes the use of the vocal talents of some of the UK’s best actors.”

Stars from the likes of Torchwood, Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror and Game of Thrones all help bring Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death to life, ensuring the narrative has the delivery it needs to do it justice. Quality is a core component of Salix Games’ goals, with the game’s current campaign on Kickstarter designed to ensure the studio has the funds it needs to add the level of polish the project deserves.


Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death features:

  • An absorbing and atmospheric tale of a 19th century London being torn apart by the murderous Jack the Ripper
  • Three playable characters, – immortal knight Sir Lancelot Du Lac, the cursed sorceress Morgana Le Fey, and the Ripper’s last victim Mary Kelly – each of which has their own demons to take on in play
  • Crime scene investigations tailored to the skills of the three main characters, encouraging players to mix and match their approach
  • A multi-branching story where in-game decisions impact on each character’s resolution
  • A wide array of NPCs designed to show what real life was like in 19th century Whitechapel
  • A cast of amazing voice actors, including stars from Torchwood, Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror and Game of Thrones


Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death will launch on PC in 2018

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