DSTLRY Announces Through Red Windows

DSTLRY Announces Modern Gothic Thriller THROUGH RED WINDOWS from Ram V & Joëlle Jones
Succession meets Edgar Allan Poe in this new series about an ambitious businessman trapped in a cursed Manhattan highrise

LOS ANGELES, CA / NEW YORK, NY—June 24, 2024— DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles, is thrilled to announce THROUGH RED WINDOWS, an atmospheric modern horror series co-created by trailblazers Ram V (The One Hand, The Many Deaths of Laila Starr) and Joëlle Jones (Catwoman, Lady Killer).

THROUGH RED WINDOWS is a white-knuckle supernatural thriller about a young financier invited into the inner circle of the notoriously affluent and wealthy, only to realize that his rise to the top of this career high-rise will exact a horrifying price. Edgar Alan Poe-esque gothic dread meets the contemporary leanings of Succession and Channel Zero in this series debuting this fall. 

When ailing Plutocrat, Harlan Roderick, invites his young protégé, Athul Laal, to live at Roderick Place in downtown Manhattan, what Athul believes to be his first step into the circle of the world’s elite soon turns into a living nightmare. Athul discovers that Harlan and his illness are inextricably connected to the 73-story building. Behind each door hides secrets and monsters from both Harlan and Athul’s  lives.


THROUGH RED WINDOWS looks at old and obscene wealth as Eldritch Horror and bears witness to the terrifying and absurd lengths its apostles will go to, in its worship,” co-creator and writer Ram V explains. “It is the nature of accumulated wealth and also of late-stage capitalism to be entirely preoccupied with their own perpetuation. Beyond some sort of critical mass, I imagine, this self-perpetuation takes on a mind and existence of its own. Like some monstrous thing whose unfathomable lifetime is spent forcing humanity to exploit itself— sacrifice itself, in its name. Within this premise, I want to tell a story of choices, made in a world that indoctrinates its working youth to value profit and wealth perpetuation beyond all else. Will we end up on some cosmic balance-sheet? Or will we be saved by foolish things like love and relationships and guilt and hope?”

“Merging the messy visual tradition of horror with the austere, right-angle brutalist look of modern business has been an amazing challenge, and THROUGH RED WINDOWS is by far the most disturbing story I’ve ever illustrated,” co-creator and artist Joëlle Jones continues. “Ram and I are cultivating a new nightmare that I’ve deeply enjoyed channeling on the page.” 

Each issue of THROUGH RED WINDOWS is presented in DSTLRY’s perfect-bound Prestige format, featuring wraparound covers with spot gloss on robust cover stock, complemented by 48 pages of exquisite interior stock. “It’s the DSTLRY difference,” says DSTLRY CCO & Co-Founder Chip Mosher

Ram and Joëlle are two of the most restless voices in comics, and their take on horror has to be seen to be believed. Each issue ushers a new degree of shock and intrigue, pulling the reader deeper into this sinister skyscraper” say DSTLRY co-founders Chip Mosher & David Steinberger in a joint statement.  

For more information on THROUGH RED WINDOWS and to keep up with DSTLRY’s upcoming releases, visit and follow DSTLRY on social media at @DSTLRY_Media.

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