Drift19 – the world’s first realistic drift driver simulator is on its way


6th of December, 2018 Drift19 is the world’s first professional drift driver simulator. There are many racing titles available on the market where drifting is just an option, but there has never been a game dedicated strictly to this motorsport technique. Build and tune cars in your own workshop, meet friends for a ride and practice your skills on demanding tracks. Feel what it’s like to be the part of the drifting community!
Handbrake turn
Drifting is one of the most demanding driving techniques, which involves taking turns using controlled skid. Because of its popularity, a professional drifting league was established in Japan, which has spread to various countries across the globe. As a consequence, a Polish game developer decided to bring the first realistic drift driver simulator to the gamers.
ECC Games is a 30-person strong development studio that unites many car enthusiasts among its ranks. While designing the game, they were strongly inspired by the essence of drifting. Their product will feature the most iconic cars from the history of this motorsport. Each vehicle has a different driving model and can be modified with a wide range of tuning parts and possible settings. ECC Games has been working on mobile versions of the popular Car Mechanic Simulator. Using this experience, the studio is now creating its own car tuning model, as well as the specific physics of driving. Drift isn’t a time-based challenge, as the traditional racing or rallies, but competing for the best possible angle with regard to the road’s axis, skid speed or optimal ride line and special effects with the obligatory smoke of the heated tires. In Drift19 you’ll find all of these elements.


Full speed ahead                                   
Drift19 is a unique racing game, that puts as much emphasis on the tuning options as it does on the driving model. The smallest change in the car’s design has an impact on its performance, which will certainly appeal to automotive fans. Drift19 will allow players to feel the real emotions that accompany the driver entering the controlled skid on so-called spots. Next year, every enthusiast of drifting will be able to grind sideways on the iconic EBISU tracks.
Drift19 will be available on Steam on Q1/Q2 of 2019.

Drift19 – Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/520950/Drift19/
Drift19 – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drift19com/

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