Dream Cycle Preview

Developer: Cathuria Games

Platform:  PC, Early Access  

Genre: Action, Adventure

Publisher: Raw Fury


Dream Cycle is a 3D adventure game from the creator of Tomb Raider, Toby Gard. The game centres around Morgan Carter and the journey through Dreamlands to get her essence back. Morgan’s essence was stolen; by her great-great-grand-uncle, Randolph Carter, who is trying to enslave the Dreamlands for his purposes.


Dream Cycle can be played in several perspectives first-person, third-person or hybrid of both (dynamic camera angle chooses what it sees as fit). The option to switch modes is in the menu. Once you decide what view to take, you are on your merry way to explore this labyrinth of levels. Dream Cycle is a mix of a platformer, shooter and stealth game with some magic thrown in for good measure. For the player, this means you can adapt and play the game as suits you. You can go gung-ho or take a stealthy approach. I ended up playing a mix of both to get a feel of your weapons and game mechanics. I found the controls straightforward and intuitive. I liked the mixture of magic and guns. It was jarring at first but grew on me fairly quickly! As you progress through the levels, you gain more magic spells to help you battle the creatures at each dark corner.


The mix of platform elements, fighting, and shooting constitute the core of the game. There are climbing elements, astral projection, and teleportation to help you navigate through the adventures. The adventures (levels) are short and impactful. You take the approach that best suits the game style you want to use. I loved the exploration and discovery of levels. Levels do have lots of weapons and power-ups to find. I enjoyed the choice of a bow, handgun or machine gun as your choice of ranged weapons, unexpected but fun.


It is an early access game with the latest patch of 1.1.6 at the time of this preview. I didn’t encounter any bugs or issues on my playthroughs. The world and the cel-shaded art style mixed with magic elements provides a wonderful; canvas for Morgan to explore. The game has tons of adventures and levels to navigate. I loved the mix of climbing and traversing terrain while using spells such as astral projection to navigate parts of the level to find the best way to scale huge castles. The environments and graphics are magical and intriguing. I did find the similar enemies a bit repetitive at times. I would have liked a bit more of a story-driven narrative to levels instead of just choosing them from the map. In totality, I enjoyed the game mechanics, the levels and the world. I am looking forward to seeing future updates in this game and what the game will ultimately become.

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