Double Booking: The Tail of The Mummy Cat Trailer

-On-sale April 16, 2024-

Double Booking: Tail of the Mummy Cat, by brother and sister team Chas! Pangburn and Kim Shearer. 

Join siblings Otto and Nan on a double stuffed adventure to Egypt, where each of them has a completely different experience!

While on a trip to Egypt, two siblings, Otto and Nan, stumble upon a sarcophagus. And they accidentally free a mummy cat from a pharaoh’s chamber! Now tasked with finding it, their resulting adventure has them exploring the city, learning historical facts, saving each other from danger, and discovering truths about life.What’s more, they’re going to survive the same adventure – twice! See both perspectives in this flip graphic novel, written by real-life siblings Kim Shearer and Chas! Pangburn.

Designed as a double-sided flip book to showcase each sibling’s unique perspective on the events they experience, Double Booking allows readers to follow both Otto and Nan’s individual stories. Readers can start with either tale! While certain scenes cover the same event from different perspectives, others deviate greatly. “Our goal with Double Booking is to establish that there are two sides to every story,” Pangburn said. “While not all facts may be seen/known by one party, you sometimes have to place your trust in other individuals. Sibling rivalries can sometimes create a teachable moment!” 

“I know first-hand how impactful comics can be on a young person’s relationship with reading. From the ages of 6 to 11, I would ONLY read Archie comics! I didn’t realize it then, but every time I opened one of those comic books, I was learning about narrative structure and word choice and conflict and a long list of foundational skills. Comics made me a reader!” said Kim Shearer, the 2012 Kentucky teacher of the year. “This love of reading led to my career as an English teacher and librarian. And to now be a creator of my own comic— I can’t help but think of my younger self, and I know she would be so excited, so proud! I’ve created a comic she would love, and I got to do it with my brother and an incredible artist.” 

I’m beyond excited for readers to join siblings Otto and Nan as they chase Princess Tiaa–the adorable “Mummy Cat”–throughout Egypt. Co-writing and collaborating with my older sister, Kim Pangburn Shearer, is a bonding experience I’ll forever cherish, and we’re fortunate to have our words brought to life by the ever-talented Nic Touris. With TWO stories told through TWO unique perspectives with TWO differing art styles in ONE book, we’re offering a little bit of everything for middle-grade readers. Humor, action, the supernatural, emotional beats, and educational components–it’s an adventure for all! 


On-sale April 16, 2024; 9781545811474; $12.99

Writer: Kim Shearer has been a public educator for twenty years, serving students as an English teacher and librarian. She was named the 2012 Kentucky Teacher of the Year. She resides in Hebron, KY with her husband, her two daughters, and her two rescue dogs, Elmer and Gordie. She’s also a pretty amazing big sister to her co-writer, Chas! Pangburn. 

Writer: Be it as a writer, editor, and/or letterer, Chas! Pangburn puts words in balloons for a variety of publishers across the industry. He’s been fortunate to have known Kim Shearer, his co-writer and big sister, since birth, so the highs and lows of sibling life are second nature to him. Which, speaking of, their mom says it’s now his turn to play on the Nintendo.

About the Artist

Artist: Nic Touris is a dork who likes comics so much that he’s illustrated enough to fill a bookshelf. His art is full of bright colors and silly characters. When he’s not drawing, he plays DnD and cooks fancy food, but not at the same time. Nic is a cat person, but also a dog person.

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