Divinity #0 Review

Divinity #0 Review

Written by: Matt Kindt

Art: Renato Guedes

Letters: Dave Lanphear

Published: Valiant Comics


When you describe Divinity as a sci-fi superhero book, people will automatically gravitate towards the idea that it is a book full of action sequences. Explosions and time travel, goodies vs baddies, massive fight sequences…and they’d be right, but also missing 99% of this fabulous story. While chaos surrounds each chapter of Divinity, Matt Kindt is much more concerned about philosophy. What is reality? What brings happiness in this life? What is the purpose of a god? We’ve so far had three mini-series each detailing a different aspect of this universe. Divinity 1 centres on a cosmonaut called Abram Adams and how he came to be the god-like Divinity. The second book focuses on his partner Myshka and her disillusion at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Book 3 brings us a classic alternate history story called Stalinverse where Ninjak has to awaken Divinity in a Soviet controlled world to put reality back to normal.

Divinity #0 1

Divinity #0 opens with a young Abram reading an old sci-pulp book. Perhaps this is the greatest place to begin as it allows us to glimpse Kindt’s inspiration for this story. The issue then acts as a summary of what’s come before and ends with what is to come. Basically, it does exactly what a #0 issue should. Recaps previous events for new readers while teasing future events for those who have read from the beginning. The art here is done by Renato Guedes. Pencils, inks and painted colours combine to make this issue ethereal and other worldly. There is very little clean guttering which mirrors the effect Divinity has on reality – everything’s a little fuzzy and uncertain. It’s also amazing. Most pages could be ripped out and framed on your wall as a masterclass in art. The lettering by Dave Lanphear follows the Valiant formula – keep it clean and out of the way. It takes a master to achieve this though and Lanphear as excelled in this regard.

While not necessarily giving us anything new in this issue, it is worth reminding ourselves that it is a #0, Kindt’s way with words warrants a second read through to fully appreciate the mind of Divinity and the philosophical struggles he faces every day.

Divinity #0 2

The events of Stalinverse also introduced us the Red Brigade and Kindt has clearly decided that they will have a larger role to play in the Valiant Universe going forward and I for one am delighted with exploring these characters in greater depty. The story also finished with a very interesting couple of words which makes the future of Divinity even more interesting.

Divinity #0 is an intellectual book posing many important questions for today’s world. This issue is to be followed up by Eternity #1 on sale October 25th. Valiant has been knocking it out of the park this year with its new releases and I cannot wait to find out what happens next in the Valiant Cosmos.


Overall: 9/10




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