Disney Princess: Ariel And The Sea Wolf Review

Written By: Liz Marsham

Artist: Tara Nicole Whitaker

Lettering By: Chris Dickey

Cover artist: Tara Nicole Whitaker

Published By: Dark Horse Comics


Ariel is the youngest Princess in the Kingdom, known for her curious nature and imaginative stories. Whilst out swimming with her sisters, Ariel accidentally drops her sister Aquatas’ bracelet into a deep cave. A cave rumored to be the home of a dangerous creature! Ariel risks her life to return Aquatas’ precious bracelet, despite her sisters’ warnings. However is she really in danger and is there any truth to the terrifying rumors?

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is one of my all time favourite childhood films, so to revisit her world has been very touching. Not only seeing some familiar surroundings but also seeing Ariel as a little mer-girl. Whilst outside the castle walls with her older sisters’, Ariel begins telling them tall tales of her unbelievable encounters and adventures. Whilst being scolded for her imaginative lies, Ariel knocks one of her sisters’ beloved bracelets into a dark cave. A cave that is renowned for being the home to a scary monster. Not scared by her sister’s warnings, Ariel wants to retrieve what she has lost at all costs. No matter the danger, our young mermaid sneaks out one night and swims to the cave’s entrance. And that is where the story really gets going!

Now we never really saw much of Ariel’s sisters in the movies, this issue however lets us see more of them, as well as some of their personalities. Ariel is the youngest amongst her siblings and even as a young child she was very out-going & full of wonder. She is also one who does not care about rules or believes everything she hears as the absolute fact! She must always investigate it for herself and discover the truth. You can see this for yourself in this issue as she dives into the monster’s home alone.

This is a great comic to pick up for young readers, but even as an adult I really did enjoy it. The illustrations are cute and have plenty of detail. It has its own style, one that is far different from the films and cartoon series (do many of you remember watching the cartoon?). The illustration designs are unique, very innocent looking and almost simplistic. Ideal for the younger readers and is a great comic to get them started on their lifetime journey of buying comics!

With the illustrations and cover art by Tara Nicole Whitaker, and the story by Liz Marsham. Liz has also written for another well known franchise – The Incredibles. The famous superhero family from Disney and PIXAR, in their comic The Incredibles 2: Heroes At Home.

Once again, this issue of Disney Princess: Ariel And The Sea Wolf is certainly worth picking up, for existing fans and new readers, both young and old. Make sure and see if you can buy this issue in print at your local comic book shop.

Overall: 8/10

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