Disjunction Review

Developer: Ape Tribe Games

Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X (Reviewed)|S, Xbox One

Genre: RPG

Publisher: Sold Out


Disjunction is a stealth-based RPG action thriller set in the world of future cyberpunk environment. It has a top-down view in a 16-bit world that is reminiscent of such classics as tech-noir / cyberpunk games. The dystopian and darkness of a cyberpunk world with an intriguing story awaits you.

The game-play is an action-based stealth game primarily, but you can take the all-out rampage mode if you prefer. These two play-styles suit me as I do get bored with playing a full stealth game. I like the options. You can navigate the levels without killing an enemy or using your weapon, melee attack or special powers. Each character has abilities that they can upgrade after each level, the attributes can be levelled up to suit your play-style. The upgrading mechanism is simple and straightforward focused on the game-play and story. The controls are simple and are pretty much pick and play. Handy tutorials walk you through all you need to know. The level design is superb, they are well thought out and allow you to play as you see fit.

The pixel art look and feel are superb. The designers have used the pixel art to great effect within each level and the backgrounds. Dark cyberpunk colours are present throughout. Character animations are detailed and fit the cyberpunk theme well. The soundtrack and sound effects add to the whole cyberpunk and dystopian feel.

Your actions in the game will have repercussions for the story and the outcome. The storyline and your involvement provide a sense of immersion in the game. The story is dark, mysterious and fills the world with a sense of doom. It has a rich set of characters and enough details are provided but some ambiguity.

Disjunction is a fun and enjoyable stealth RPG-action game. The cyberpunk theme and story fit together. The narrative of the story ties all of the actions and the levels you play through. The game-play is simple but addictive. I like the ability to play the game as you want to power up your character as you see fit.

Overall: 9/10

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