Dick Tracy #1 gets a second printing

Mad Cave Studios’ biggest launch ever—DICK TRACY #1—sells out in its first week, and goes to reprint featuring an all-new issue #1 cover

MAY. 3, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — EXTRA! EXTRA!  Mad Cave Studios is thrilled to announce that DICK TRACY #1 has officially sold out at the distributor level!

 To celebrate the momentous occasion of Mad Cave Studios’ biggest all-time launch title, fans can pick up the latest edition featuring an all-new cover by award-winning artist, Michael Walsh (Green Lantern, Thor)! 

 A fresh and modern take on the iconic detective, this exciting new chapter in the Dick Tracy legacy is written by authors Alex Segura (Secret Identity) and Michael Moreci (Barbaric), with art by Geraldo Borges (Nightwing), colors by Mark Englert, and letters by Jim Campbell. Creative consultation by Chantelle Aimée Osman.

In the aftermath of World War II, the country stands frozen–waiting for the next shoe to drop. In The City, a brutal murder draws the attention of rising star detective Dick Tracy, who soon discovers the bloodshed is just the beginning of a complicated web that threatens to ensnare everything he cares about.

Blending the classic elements of the Dick Tracy world (including his iconic villains, supporting cast, and unforgettable watch radio) with a hardboiled and realistic take, DICK TRACY #1 kicks off a fresh and modern approach on the iconic detective that remains true to his rich history.
Dick Tracy #1 has found itself on the comic book industry’s ‘Most Wanted’ list!” said Mad Cave Studios Senior Editor, Chas! Pangburn. “Mad Cave is honored to send this tale back to press for a second printing with a cover by the award-winning cartoonist Michael Walsh. Keep up the positive radio chatter because Alex, Michael, Geraldo, Chantelle, Mark, and Jim are just getting started—the tension, action, and drama only escalate from here!”

 “I’m so thankful and blown away by the support Dick Tracy #1 has received—from retailers, readers, reviewers, and beyond,” said Alex Segura. “It validates our belief in the take that Michael, Geraldo, Mark, Jim, Chantelle and the entire team has created, which celebrates the man in yellow’s storied history and adds a new voice and chapter to his story and world. And we’re just getting started!”


“We all took a gamble with this series, in a lot of different ways, but sometimes gambles pay off—and this is one of those times,” said Michael Moreci. “Our goal is to keep Dick Tracy going for years, and this success brings us closer to that goal; I’m so grateful for that and also excited for what the future of our story holds.”
Committed to preserving the essence of Chester Gould’s creation, this puts a stamp on the official new era for the iconic square-jawed detective, in collaboration with Tribune Content Agency and New Wave Comics, Mad Cave Studios invites fans old and new to pick up the Dick Tracy #1 reprint on June 12th, perfectly timed with the release of Dick Tracy #2.

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