Descender #30 Review

Written By: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Dustin Nguyen

Cover Artist: Dustin Nguyen

Lettering by: Steve Wands

Published By: Image Comics


Descender is now a series I’ll have to get into, Jeff Lemire does it again with great writing, hooking me in for the long run. The art by Dustin Nguyen is fantastic watercolors with clean line work, it’s inspirational, to say the least for my own projects.


Descender if you haven’t read the issues leading up to #30 gives you a quick recap of the story at the beginning of the comic. Robots dubbed THE HARVESTERS appeared in the galaxy and wreaked havoc, before disappearing all robots and androids were outlawed and anti-robot culls went to work to cleanse the galaxy. Ten years later a surviving robot named Tim-2 (a little boy, an android) is the galaxies most wanted, being hunted by all even his human older brother Andy.

So that was the briefing of the series, even with an android as the main character Lemire was able to convey emotion in a few panels that I wasn’t expecting since this was my first venture into the Descender comics. Not knowing the character and the world beyond the briefing and this issue it surprised me. This is a family dynamic in the far reaches of space with a galaxy of hunters on Tim-2’s heals.


Without giving spoilers, this issue has the tides turning and the family dynamic changing even more for our little android. I really enjoyed this comic, it’s written well and the art is amazing. The imagery suites the series so well and sets it apart from most comics that are set in space.

Overall: 8/10


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