Deflection Review

Developer: Coreffect Interactive 

Platform: Steam 

Genre: Strategy, Indie

Publisher: Coreffect Interactive 


Deflection is the next in the line of puzzle games that I have had the pleasure to play over the last few weeks. It has the bright colours from Tron, and you play a laser-based strategy akin to Chess on a 3D board. Your goal is to navigate your laser beam across a board using various pieces to destroy the king and win.


A simple tutorial allows you to pick up the basics you need to play. It does a great job to bring you into the game. I then proceeded to play the single-player game against the computer AI. I found the game tricky at first, but eventually, I got to a point where I was not losing every game. The computer AI is still challenging with the option of Easy or Hard settings. When you get bored of just the computer AI, the game features both; local and online multiplayer modes. I’d recommend a few single-player games against the computer AI before playing online though, this will help you hone your game before tackling the world. There is also a super simple level editor where you can create your custom maps to play; I’m too lazy to spend lots of time doing this though!


Tron like vibes is visible throughout, the use of neon blue and orange colours for the pieces. The music has that synthy 70 futuristic feel to it. The view of the game is a 3D board that you can rotate as you please; it’s all simple but slick; I can’t complain about the game mechanics, layout, or design. It’s all executed well. The longevity of the game is maintained; by online and local play.

I found it enjoyable, but you can’t go wrong with a laser board that has a chess inspiration. The synthy Tron vibes give the game a very cool factor. Mechanics are simple and slick but like most games, it is hard to master. If you are looking for a new strategy/puzzle game, I highly recommend this and it’s even better with a friend!

Overall: 7/10

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