Definitely Not Fried Chicken Preview

Developer: Dope Games

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Publisher: Merge Games


Definitely Not Fried Chicken (DNFC) is an early access business simulator game. Think Theme park but selling drugs through a variety of businesses, including a fried chicken shop. Please note; the game is in early access, so you may encounter bugs which are being fixed. The auto-save wasn’t working when I played the game, but it was highlighted throughout.

Like any simulation game, this game involves strategic thinking throughout, you buy land to start your initial drug business, and you will then have the ability to buy other plots to open other businesses – laundry shop, doughnut shop, and fried chicken shop too, just to name a few. As you grow your vast array of drugs, you can courier the drugs directly to buyers or via your other businesses. This twist on the simulation genre makes it a hugely interesting and unique game. That is the premise.


The game has the classic simulation isometric view, but like all good simulators, you can rotate, pan, and pitch the; view to your heart’s content. The controls aren’t that intuitive, and the sheer depth of shops and ways to make money doesn’t help from the ease of use and general gameplay. However, there is a tutorial and some tasks that; are recommended before you dive into the game.

There is a tutorial to help you get used to the game but even with the tutorial. It still took me a while to understand the mechanics and what to do; there is a lot to do, which makes understanding every aspect difficult. Once I understood what I needed to do, it was really fun and enjoyable. When you understand the nuances and get over the learning curve, it’s fantastic. The building of a drug empire hidden by a vast number of normal shops is; interesting and clever.


The graphics are reminiscent of a Minecraft game but with less pixelated blockiness. They are reminiscent of the retro gaming era. The sound effects and animation fit in the same retro and do relive a time passed. The music is good but not noteworthy; the general graphics, sound, effects, and animations do fit well together and make a cohesive simulator.

As it’s early access, there are bugs and glitches, so don’t expect a perfect game yet; the bones of a very good; game are there, and I enjoyed it despite the bugs.


The drug-building empire on top of a simulator is the killer feature and is what; sets it apart. Watching you start from your first grow shop and drug store to a; bigger grow shop with better-class drugs makes you feel like a boss. It’s more than a solid early-access game.

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