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EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile is set to officially launch on September 26 through the App Store and Play Store across Android and iOS devices. For existing users, EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile will be available as a free update without need to redownload to devices.

Players who download the game before September 26 will obtain FC MOBILE Founder status to unlock benefits including special in-game player items for EA SPORTS FC MOBILE at launch. See here for more information on EA SPORTS FC Mobile Founders.

As announced in August, Vinicius Jr. will feature as the EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile cover star, while new intuitive gameplay controls will introduce a new level of immersion for players. The game will provide an unrivalled authentic football experience on mobile devices with more than 15,000 fully licensed players across 650 teams and over 30 leagues – including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, LALIGA EA SPORTS, Bundesliga, and many more.

See below for a closer look at key features across EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile.

What EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile Brings to the Pitch


EA SPORTS has changed the way people play and enjoy football, and revolutionised cutting-edge technologies which means EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile delivers next-level gameplay in every match. Here are a few of the gameplay highlights players can expect.

  • Impact Controls: Introducing the immensely satisfying Power Shot, powerful Hard Tackle and Knock On, which will be brought to mobile for the first time.
  • Elite Shooting System: Game depth and strategy is refreshed through shooting context, set pieces, and an animation refresh on goal net physics.
  • True Player Personality: Players are more distinctive than ever before with increased Attribute Impact and authentic Star Player Run Styles.
  • Dynamic Game Speed: Gameplay is diversified through updates to pace and dribbling, with a dedicated balance between dribbling and defense.
  • Balancing and Bug Fixes: Improvements have been made to skill move balancing, cross & header balancing, goalkeeper AI and Half End condition.

Discover more details about Gameplay here.



Visuals & Audio

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile is getting some amazing new visual and audio updates to create the unrivalled authentic football experience for players on mobile devices.

The game will offer extensive visual upgrades to help players immerse themselves in the game. From a refreshed broadcast experience using new gameplay camera angles, to direct set pieces and improved goal replays, players will feel like they’re involved in the match themselves. Updates include:

  • New Camera Angles: Our brand-new EA SPORTS™ Camera provides a more broadcast look and feel and allows you to enjoy the stadium atmosphere like never before. New set piece cameras, including for direct set pieces, tactical set pieces and even goal kicks have also been tailored for the Mobile platform so players can draw their gestures with more care. Improved goal replays have also been added so players can celebrate their wonderstrikes by rewatching them in captivating Replay cameras.
  • Dynamic HUD: We also revamped the HUD shown during the match to display reactive and custom information and further immerse players in the game. The dynamic HUD now simulates broadcasts of top leagues with much more fidelity.
  • Updated Stadium Graphics: We have made significant improvements to the visual quality of the stadiums, bringing them to life with greater detail and realism. From improved pitch grass, more detailed crowds to dynamic advertising boards players.

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile is offering a wealth of audio upgrades to make players feel like they’re right there on the pitch. From the sound of the ball hitting the back of the net after a Power Shot to the roar of the crowd as players approach the goal, we’ve enhanced the sound effects to provide a truly immersive audio gaming experience. Updates include:

  • Commentary Updates: Players will enjoy more authentic commentary that brings the broadcast to life. More real-time reactions and analysis with play-by-play coverage have been included to add even more depth to players’ match experience.
  • Stadium Updates: We have added a wealth of features to create the most authentic mobile experience yet. From team-specific chants to stadium announcers to improved goal net sounds every feature sounds more powerful than ever. The Dynamic Crowd feature also means players can hear the crowd’s cheers intensify as players get closer to scoring.

Discover more about visual and audio updates here.

Locker Room

EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile’s Locker Room is a new feature – specifically focused on the theme of customisation – to make every player’s experience more personal than ever.

Players will be able to customise their team and players to fit their preferred style. Then players can adjust star players’ kit numbers and kit appearance including the length of their socks, sleeve length, and shirt tucking style.

In Club Identity, fans can insert their personal touch in Ultimate Team™ with their choice of Club Crest, User Logo, Ball, and Emotes.

Discover more details about Locker Room here.

For more news and information on EA SPORTS FC™ Mobile, stay tuned to the official website and social channels across Instagram, Threads, X, Facebook, and YouTube.


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