Death Coming Releasing on Early Access on November 6th

Next Studio has announced the release date for Death Coming’s Early Access debut. The game, in which players take on the role of a reaper in Final Destination-esque puzzles, will be available to purchase on November 6th. Early Access will allow players to experience the first levels of the game whilst buying the game for a discounted price. Death Coming was previously shown in PAX West, where Kotaku called it one of “The Coolest Indie Games At PAX West“.

In Death Coming, the world is filled with NPC’s that will go about their daily lives and react to events around them. Should you cause a car accident and miss your target, the NPC will alter their behavior and change their routine. Observation will be key in Death Coming to effectively plan your elaborate ways of reaping. Observe the daily routines of your target and execute with precision. While on the prowl as a reaper, the minions of heaven will be actively working against your evil machinations. Angels will patrol levels looking to protect the living, so you must strike when angel patrols aren’t looking to avoid divine intervention.

Death Coming2


  • Pixel Art Style
  • Non-linear puzzle progression
  • Environmental manipulation
  • Morbid black comedy
  • Reactive AI
  • Creative kills
  • Play as a reaper and find out why you became an agent of death




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