Darling #1 Jim Mahfood Variant Cover

Darling #1, by playwrights and NintendDads Michael Fleizach (The Onion) and co-creator Todd Hunt (The Secret Adventures of Houdini) — delving into the underbelly of the 1980s New York City’s drug epidemic — with epic and punk ’80s street graffiti art by David Mack Mims (Scrimshaw), out June 30th from Source Point Press. This variant cover for Darling #1 has been created by the very talented Jim Mahfood and you can see it here, in all its glory.

Inspired by journals left behind by Michael’s brother, Darling, is a comic meant to capture the passions they once shared.

With all of New York City enveloped in the zeitgeist of a missing 8-year-old girl, lovable anti-hero Francis Darling accidentally stumbles onto the machinations behind her kidnapping and the drug war that ensues. 

…but has he really?

A bit like chasing the Mad Hatter through a toxic chemical cloud, Francis’ inconceivable journey brings us uncomfortably close to NYC’s most crooked…most deviant…most irredeemable characters; the kind that can only be extricated from the drug-addled, guilty conscience of a failing brain. 


Darling #1 is slated for release June 30, 2021. Letters by Zack Turner (Unlife). Cover B by Alex Riegel (Scumbag).

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