Dark Horse Books presents Birdking Volume 3

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 29, 2024)— Dark Horse Books presents Birdking Volume 3, the third installment in Daniel Freedman (Kali, Raiders) and CROM’s (Raiders, Golden Campaign) critically acclaimed series. Written by Freedman and illustrated by CROM, the dark fantasy series picks up right where it left off in Volume 2, with Bianca and Birdking in trouble.

Nothing has gone right. With Birdking out of commission and most of her friends lost, Bianca finally reaches the golden city of Atlas. But when she finds herself too eager to pay her debt to the All Father, she risks losing the only thing she has left: herself! 

“Volume 3 marks a huge turning point for both Bianca and Birdking,” said Freedman, “and we couldn’t be more excited for readers to experience the next stage of their journey and relish in their self-discoveries and hard-fought triumphs.” 

Birdking Volume 3 (136 pages, 10.1875” x 6.625”) will be available in bookstores on November 26, 2024 and in comic shops on November 27, 2024. It is now available to preorder at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local comic shop and bookstore for $19.99.

Praise for the Birdking series: 

“Onomatopoetic sound effects and rushing anime backgrounds make the battle scenes sing, while the use of monochromatic backgrounds and vivid facial expressions make the quiet moments incredibly powerful. About as carefully paced and deftly balanced as a story can get.”—Booklist, starred review

“CROM’s character designs are memorable, and he balances cartoony and artsy details with dramatic battle scene.”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Birdking mixes all the standards of fantasy adventure – enchanted swords, unrealised legacies, warring kingdoms, mystical artefacts – in a first chapter that adeptly balances world-building history with character study… for most readers it will be CROM’s stunning art that leaps out at them from the book shelves.”—Broken Frontier

“CROM’s art is iconic and powerful and Daniel Freedman’s writing carries this whole dream-like departure from the day-today to dizzyingly new heights of high adventure.”—Comicon

“All this compelling mystery creates a book that’s much more than the sum of its parts… It’s a book that will make you desperate to explore its world, hungry for more fantasy.”—AIPT Comics
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