Crysis Remastered Trilogy Review

Developer: Saber Interactive, Crytek GmbH

Platforms: PC, PS4 (Reviewed), PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S  

Genre: First-person shooter

Publisher: Crytek


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In 2007 Crytek, has just released his beautiful masterpiece known as Crysis. 14 years later, we now have a remaster of not one but three Crysis titles in one package.

The first Crysis I ever played was the second one for PS3, in 2007; I didn’t pass the test “Can you run Crysis on your PC?”. I felt something that is kind of obvious which is the nostalgia that the game brings; for example, I remember the feeling I had when I played Crysis 2 on my PS3 I was astonished with the graphics and now I get that feeling again! Also gladly I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff! So it was great to play it again.

The Crysis Remastered trilogy is a huge hit from the past. For those who played already any of the games will have fun playing these classics again, even the new players, especially the new players.


I will start with Crysis 1 because there is some stuff that needs to be said. The aiming system is just terrible! The controls are way outdated on the first one; everything seems very heavy and slow… but for the two sequels, the gameplay is perfect just the way they used to be back when they were first released I mean… the base is the same, that being the buttons, they are pretty much the same for all 3 games, but you can fell a huge difference on the “effect” that the abilities have, everything is more fluid. The tactical part is not really necessary; I mean, you can just go forward shooting everything up and alternate between the cloak mode and the armor mode without the need of putting much thought into it…You have to remember that the game is 14 years old, it is also short and there aren’t enough boss encounters. I do love the story and the soundtrack is a total 10 out of 10, so you have to keep in mind that the game does get better on the two sequels. (but you can choose a feminine voice for the suit, which is cool)

Now!!! Crysis 2 and 3 are just as perfect as it was back then! I’m talking about those two together because after the huge improvements they did since the first game (mechanically speaking), they didn’t do any big change to the game, just some display stuff, like the suit’s voice is now louder (which for me is great, I think it adds a “charm” to the game). Now the tactical part is extremely important and you can create your own strategy based on the options the visor gives you, an impressively flexibility, observe your surroundings and switch your tactics to suit your mood. Want to storm straight into battle with your armor activated? Do it, rather snipe from long-range, flank your enemies or just sneak past the lot of them and head straight to your next objective? It’s all up to you so keep in mind that now the armor’s abilities are 100% used.


The graphics are now beyond incredible, making the game great for those who like to explore the map not just to see the beautiful scenarios but there are some rewards to get. From the second game on you do feel like you are playing as a weapon! This package is a great deal, one that offers two very awesome shooters and Crysis 1 for less than the cost of one new release (there’s no Crysis Warhead and that can be responsible for some angry faces since it is one of fan’s favorite), this trilogy is totally worth it of buying and playing it, they sum up at least 30 hours of fun there.

Crysis 3 is an improvement of the second game, and it is also by far the most visually impressive of the bunch. Having previously only played it on the PS3 it is awesome to see it looking so sharp on my PS4. Crysis 3 can actually be the high point of the entire trilogy from a main mechanical point of view.

There is not much to talk about since it is a remaster, but I must highlight that unfortunately, they removed the multiplayer mode… it was my favorite multiplayer game, although it does make a lot of sense not to get a server to a remake.


Final Impressions (and more about graphics and soundtrack):

I was over the moon when I was asked to do this review because I’m a huge fan of this franchise. I still own copies of Crysis 2 and 3 even tho I don’t have a PS3 anymore, so playing it again with such incredible graphics on my PS4; was extremely satisfying. Crysis has one of the most impressive soundtracks; the music has a heavyweight on it… it’s sinister and beautiful. The geniuses behind the Crysis trilogy soundtrack are Inon Zur (The same composer from Fallout, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Dragon Age 2…), freaking Hanz Zimmer! Recognized worldwide for his work on blockbuster films like “Inception” and “The Dark Knight”, Zimmer and his team featuring Lorne Balfe worked with the existing composers Borislav Slavov and Tilman Sillescu to create the intense and dramatic score for Crysis 2 which sets the tone for the game’s backdrop of a devastated New York City in 2023 and Borislav Slavov who is famous for his work in Baldur’s Gate, Divinity, etc…

Crysis is not a very challenging game on normal mode, so if you really want to get a full experience of how necessary is the armor “gadgets” during the combat, you should consider going for a higher difficulty option.

Overall: 8/10

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