Creature Keeper Revealed for Nintendo Switch

Monster-Taming RPG Creature Keeper Announced for Nintendo Switch

Befriend monsters in this charming, retro-inspired, RPG adventure and watch the new Switch reveal trailer!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Aug. 17, 2023 – Publisher Graffiti Games and developer Fervir Games are thrilled to announce that the upcoming monster-taming RPG Creature Keeper is heading to Nintendo Switch. Watch the new Switch reveal trailer, showcasing the game’s colorful creatures and adventurous spirit!

Take on the role of a novice creature keeper as you embark on an epic adventure to restore balance to Thera and stop a sickness from affecting the healthy creatures of the world. But hold on, adventurer – you can’t save the world alone! You’ll need to form a party of diverse creatures to help you on your journey. Strengthen your creatures to take on the corruption by giving them new equipment, finding unlockables, and cooking them delicious food.

Key Features

  • Befriend a Small Army of Creatures: Assemble your dream team by befriending a variety of unique creatures to fight alongside you.
  • Grow Your Abilities: Raise your party and fight corrupted creatures to unlock new creature notes, skills, recipes, and more in the Bestiary.
  • Cook for Your Creatures: Embark on an exciting adventure and uncover recipes along the way, letting you cook delicious meals for your creatures to help them grow.
  • Craft Equipment for Your Team: Customize your play style by crafting weapons and trinkets with unique effects.
  • Grow on the Go: Utilize your Pocket Garden, a magic portable farm, to grow ingredients, power-ups, equipment and more on your adventure.
  • Keep ‘er Stylish: Design and craft fashionable items such as hats, masks and various accessories to give your creatures a touch of style.
    Creature Keeper was recently featured in the 2023 OTK Games Expo, a showcase of upcoming titles from across the industry, including an interview with developer Fervir Games.

Creature Keeper is also in development for PC and available to wishlist now on Steam. For more information, visit the Graffiti Games website, and follow the latest updates from the team on Twitter and Discord.

About Fervir Games

Fervir Games is a one-man studio founded in 2021 with a focus on pixel art and animation, currently working on the monster-taming RPG Creature Keeper.

About Graffiti Games

Graffiti Games is a video game publisher comprised of a strong team of games industry veterans. With a powerful, global distribution network encompassing both digital and physical retail partners, Graffiti achieves worldwide reach and maximizes sales potential for its games. Graffiti is known for a portfolio of high-quality games, including the recent best sellers Blue Fire and Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. To find out more about Graffiti and our portfolio, please visit

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