Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Review

Developer: Toys for Bob

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X (Reviewed)

Genre: Real-time strategy, platform

Publisher: Activision


Crash Team Rumble is a party game that has PVE and PVP matches. It uses the licence and the graphical style of Crash Bandicoot and the characters in that game. You will be familiar with the aesthetic and game mechanics if you have played a Crash game before.


I haven’t played Crash Team Rumble before, so I’m a total noob, but exploring Crash in a different setting was nice. The main game is a four-player co-op party mode with a series of modes: speed run, What’s Cookin?, Get lit, dig it and balloon bounce. Speed run, as the name suggests, is the quickest team to finish wins; what’s cooking is where the team gathers ingredients to win; get lit is where you have to light a series of lanterns; dig it requires finding bones throughout the map to re-construct a skeleton. 


The gist is team-based co-op play using the Crash world as your background; you can pick from various Crash theme characters who have their skills and tricks to help beat opponents, but the name is good teamwork regardless of which mode you play. The gameplay mixes a platformer and a party game where you win and kill your opponents to gain the upper hand. Controls are super simple, and there are only a few mechanics to learn; the game is chaotic in stages and enjoyable. The emphasis is a team co-op party game in Crash’s beautiful, bright and fantastical world. The graphics are superb, and I can’t fault the game’s aesthetics. It looks great, and there weren’t any slowdowns or graphical issues with the game. It’s solid. The voiceovers, sound effects, and music fit in perfectly with the game. It was easy to find games online with a short wait time.


If you want to play a co-op party game that is chaotic but fun, this is a great choice. The graphics are superb and bright. The game mechanics are simple, and you will kill your enemies before you know it!

Overall: 7/10

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