Cosmic Lion heads to ECCC with Fourth Dimensional


New series launches with a double-sized blend of Pop art and manga stylings.

LOS ANGELES, CA. February 26, 2024 – After a flurry of recent announcements and fresh new releases, Cosmic Lion Productions debut their latest title, Fourth Dimensional: Seal Your Heart, this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC). Written and illustrated by up-and-coming creator, Seraji, this ongoing urban sci-fi adventure series blends the bold fun of Pop art with the intensity of Shonen manga to tell the story of a young woman and an extra-dimensional fugitive who face a forbidding new world.

As if young adulthood isn’t hard enough — Ava’s world is turned upside down when an extra-dimensional fugitive named Mon falls right into it. Literally. The upside? Mon turns out to be the unlikely ally Ava didn’t know she needed. The downside? He’s brought all the dangers and oddities of his dimension with him.


“I’ve been reading and drawing comics since I was a little kid,” says writer/artist Seraji, “and am forever obsessed with fun stories set in fantastical worlds following engaging characters. Fourth Dimensional is the natural progression of that and brings together everything I love most about the comics medium and storytelling. It’s also a vessel for me to grow as a comic artist. When you read 4D, I hope you witness not only the journey of the characters, but also my journey as a creator.”

As well as picking up the first issue of the new series, fans can get their hands on the debut collection, Fourth Dimensional: Summer Of Fun, which brings together the entire first arc in a 120-page trade paperback with guest artist pin-ups, sketchbook and process pages, and new illustrations. Both titles are available for pre-order from the Cosmic Lion website, but attendees will have the opportunity to purchase early copies this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) in Seattle, where Cosmic Lion publisher, Eli Schwab, and Seraji will both be set up. They’ll also be selling other titles, including recent hits such as GHOST Agents and Space Knights.


“I love working with fresh new talent and discovering new voices,” adds Cosmic Lion Publisher, Eli Schwab. “Seraji’s work really spoke to me and has that fun appeal I want all of our books to have. For those who have enjoyed our other releases, I think you’ll really dig this one as well – and for those who are new to Cosmic Lion’s curated offerings, I think it’s an excellent place to start.”

Fourth Dimensional: Seal Your Heart #1 is a double-sized issue containing over 48 pages and kicks off a brand-new story arc for the series. Mon and Ava attempt to unite the fugitives of the Fourth Dimension, but they soon discover some fugitives have plans of their own. Chases, interrogations, and a downtown rumble – Mon and Ava are in way over their heads. On top of that, the Fourth Dimensional authorities are finally closing in on them. With these mysterious forces closing in from both sides, what cataclysmic secrets will Mon and Ava unwittingly uncover?


Fans and attendees can find Seraj and Eli Schwab at Booth I-03 in Artist Alley during Emerald City Comic Con this weekend from Thursday, February 29 to Sunday, March 3, where they can pick up the new series. And for those who can’t make it, pre-orders for both titles are now live on the Cosmic Lion Productions website – along with a range of their other titles:

In addition to their new comic offerings, Cosmic Lion Productions will also be running a sale on their branded apparel during ECCC from February 29 to March 3 – featuring art by Mark Bodē, Ken Mitchroney, Jay Geldhof, and Cory Bowman. You can find all that and more at


“Fun designs, compositions, and really great use of color. It’s really impressive work.” – Wes Craig (Kaya, Deadly Class)

“4D brings me back to my happy comics place with 4x the fun and adventure.” – Darcy van Poelgeest (Little Bird, Critical Role, The Bright Queen)

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