Copshop Review

Starring: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Toby Huss, Alexis Louder, Ryan O’Nan

Director: Joe Carnahan

Release date: 10th September 2021

A frantic car chase ends and the runaway driver sees a well lit Casino complex in the distance. At the casino a massive fight has just broken out and two cops are sent in to break it up. The lady cop, Valerie jumps into the middle of it but it’s not long before she is sucker punched in the face by an unknown assailant. The assailant immediately admits to his crime and asks to be arrested and taken to the nearest police station. It is the runaway driver and he seems desperate to be taken away. The two police officers chuck him in the back of their car and take him to the nearby Gun Creek City Police Station to be processed and detained. Once they get there, the man is put into a cell and it’s not too long before a ‘drunk’ guy in another cell starts talking to him… Who is this mysterious man and why was he so desperate to get arrested?


A real rollercoaster of a movie from start to finish, Copshop is exactly what you’d expect from a Gerard Butler shoot-em-up movie. From the very start you know that you’re going to be watching a really entertaining and fun film. There’s mad psychopaths, bent coppers, gun fights, car chases, a murder mystery and so much more.


Gerard Butler has in the past been a little bit hit and miss for me as an actor but he really seems to have come into his own in recent years as a great leading man. Alongside the always rugged looking Frank Grillo, they make a fantastic pairing in this movie. Toby Huss is spectacularly creepy and scary as one of the guys who comes into the police station to add to the drama which is already unfolding and add his own unique stamp on proceedings. There’s a lot of guessing as to some characters true motives, but it all adds to the story and its climax.

If you love a good action movie with all the aforementioned elements, then this could very well be the next movie you see. Don’t try and guess the end because you will be wrong. 🙂

Overall: 8.5/10

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