Conqueror’s Blade European X Test Begins Today

Conqueror’s Blade European X Test Begins Today
Territory War and exclusive test achievements return!

London – March 2, 2018 – Saddle your horses and sharpen your lances! The European-based X Test for Conqueror’s Blade launches today at 18:00 GMT/UTC+2 and will continue through 23:00 GMT/UTC+2 on March 9. The servers will be down for maintenance and unavailable each day from 23:00 GMT/UTC+2 to the next day at 18:00 GMT/UTC+2.
Players with existing accounts can use their current logins, and new players may register at Developed and published by Booming Games, Conqueror’s Blade recreates vast medieval civilizations and showcases their legendary weapons and fighting styles in a massive, immersive arena of war where players team up to command powerful armies in the pursuit of territory and glory.Special exclusive achievements and titles will be awarded to players participating in the European X test who sign into the game on the second, third, fifth, seventh and eighth days. Players who collect all five awards and reach level 12 will receive the official launch exclusive “X-Cavalier” title and achievement. The developer will email a code to redeem the award to qualified players within seven working days after the test closes, and players have only 30 days to redeem their achievement after the game officially launches.


The developer is pleased to announce that Territory War, the most exciting and popular event of the previous test, returns! The opening time will be 20:30~22:00 GMT/UTC+2 on March 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th. Just as in the in the previous Beta Test, players may establish their country and start conquering! Plant the flag with your colors and expand your territory and your Kingdom all over the world!

For more information, visit the Conqueror’s Blade website at or on Facebook at


About Booming Games
Booming is a game developer founded with the aim of creating world-class AAA games. The team at Booming brings a wealth of experience from top studios in game industry. Conqueror’s Blade, their first 3D epic warfare PC game, debuted at E3 and is based on their in-house developed game engine “CHAOS”. For more information, please visit


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