Concealed Available on Steam on November 8th

Concealed – Suspense Visual Novel in Japanese Comic Style Available on Steam on NOV 8

CASCHA GAMES and Neverland Entertainment are proud to announce that the suspense visual novel game Concealed is coming on Steam on November 8. Concealed is adapted from the comic series Parallel and will lead you into a horror story world.

The story starts at Diyingling High School involving a group of students who find themselves mired in strange events. Players will face different choices and uncover mysteries leading to multiple endings.

As the leading role, Meng Jiangnan returned to Diyingling High School after her exchange program abroad. She thought her life quiet, uneventful, until the occurrence of some weird incidents one after another, from unsolved disappearance cases years ago to anomalous events in the school…Play as the protagonist to explore the truth covered by mists.
Concealed features black white Japanese comic style with 7 chapters in chronological narratives, over 300k words, 20 characters, and dozens of scenarios. With traditional comic designs and dream scenarios in each chapter, the game presents a suspense story with ups and downs, letting players be immersed in the 20+ hour horror journey.

Walk deep into the mysterious, horrific world, befriend the characters, and lift the veil layer after layer. So many unknowns and thrillers wait for you!

Concealed on Steam:

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