ComicBuzz Chats With Michael Schwartz

With the release of the Kickstarter for the Armored comic series, we are delighted to be joined today by screenwriter Michael Schwartz.

Hi Michael, it’s so wonderful to have you here with us.


Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey, thanks so much for having me on to discuss Armored!

I’m Michael Schwartz and I’ve recently ventured into the world of comic book writing after being an avid reader of comics since childhood. I started my career as a feature film writer, mostly known for Netflix’s animated movie, Gnome Alone. I also worked in animation for over 10 years and more recently in visual FX



How would you describe Armored?

ARMORED is a spooky mystery adventure revolving around an adopted teenager on a quest of self-discovery who discovers and becomes the bearer of a haunted, magical suit of armor, complete with a ghostly sidekick and guide. Told with rich painted artwork and fantastic cover artists interpreting the cast!


How did Clover Press get involved with Armored, and how did you find the rest of the team for Armored?

Once I finished the script for issue 1 of Armored, I knew I needed an editor that could shepherd the project. After doing some research, I reached out to the incredible Eisner award-winning editor, Chris Stevens. Thankfully he understood my vision for Armored and we were on the same page about everything. He brought aboard watercolor-artist Ismael Hernández to fully bring the story to life. From there, Chris helped secure one of the best letterers in the business, Ferran Delgado, and kickass cover artists such as Nick Pitarra, Chrissie Zullo, Scott Kolins, and Jae Lee. From there, Chris and I met with Clover and pitched our vision for the book. Hank Kanalz at Clover understood that we wanted to make Armored a comic book series and has supported that vision from day one.


As you are crowdfunding Armored and dealing directly with consumers, does that make Armored more special for you?

I love the idea of connecting with consumers right up front like we can with Kickstarter. It allows us to provide readers and collectors the opportunity to own exclusive content that won’t be available after the Kickstarter campaign ends. It’s also pretty cool having a direct connection with the consumers and providing them with updates.


Any message for the ComicBuzz readers?

Thanks so much for talking with me! I hope the amazing readers at ComicBuzz give Armored a chance and jump in on the campaign. I am such a fan of comics, so it’s incredible to write one and see it come to life. We have some incredible things in store for the world of ARMORED and the story we are telling. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

We would like to say thank you to Michael for chatting with us. We would like to wish him the best of luck with Armored.


Feel free to check out the Kickstarter: Armored on Kickstarter.

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