ComicBuzz Chats With Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli

With the release of A Thing Called Truth #1 this week from Image Comics, we are so delighted that Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli dropped by for a chat. Not only are they are the creative team behind A Thing Called Truth #1 but also the Alice in Leatherland series.

Hi Iolanda and Elisa, it’s so wonderful to have you both here with us.

Some of our readers may not be familiar with your works, could you please tell us a bit about yourselves? 

Iolanda and Elisa:

Hi ComicBuzz! We’re SO honored to be on your website!

Elisa: We’re the creators (Iolanda as writer and me as artist) of “Alice in Leatherland”, a five-issues miniseries published by Black Mask Studios. “Alice in Leatherland” is a queer, body and sex positive romantic comedy! Previously I worked for several independent comics publishers, for Titan Comics and Square Enix as an illustrator.

Iolanda: I previously worked as a cover artist for Doctor Who, Life is Strange and Sea of Thieves comics (by Titan Comics) and for Marvel! I also published an OGN that I wrote and drew myself: “Midnight Radio” (by Lion Forge/Oni press).


Can you tell us about the origin of A thing called Truth?

Iolanda: I wanted to explore in a story my never-ending attempt to find a middle ground between devoting yourself body and soul to a goal and enjoying every moment with no regrets. This adds to my and Elisa’s love for road-trips together and for discovering new realities and landscapes in unknown countries.

Plus, I love great movie-like gestures. But this one could be a spoiler!

How would you describe A thing called Truth?

Iolanda: I would describe it as a “chaotic road-trip adventure”! That’s a story about the dream of leaving your mark on the world, about the reasons for yearning to go far away and those that will take you back home.


How did A thing called Truth find a home at Image Comics?

Iolanda: We actually just sent the project proposal to their submission email address and kept our fingers crossed! Since I started reading comics, working for Image Comics has been my dream. So when Mr Jim Valentino answered our email and told us our proposal sounded interesting I was over the moon!

What can you tell us about Doctor Magdalene Träumer?

Iolanda: Mag has devoted every waking minute of her adult life to her career and her noble goal of saving the world. Fun times are not her thing: no hanging out with friends for a beer, no friends at all for that matter, she’d rather sleep on her lab couch than going home. She hasn’t even been able to find the time to sign the divorce papers her ex(asperated)-husband keeps sending her.

When the story starts, she’s finally very close to making her dream come true…


Iolanda, when you are writing an issue of the comic, how does that work; do you write a full script?

Iolanda: I’m a hopeless perfectionist and so, yes, I write a super-full script with long descriptions and I often also do small thumbnails of the page’s structure I have in mind! (I don’t know how Elisa can bear me all the time)

Elisa, you are creating all of the art for the comic. What part of that process do you enjoy the most, pencils, inking or colouring?

Elisa: I really like inking, especially now that I use ink to shadow things: not long ago I used to create shadows during the coloring phase, but then I had several comic book gigs that required inks & grey tones so I had to change my artstyle a bit! I must say I feel more confident now.


How important is pre-ordering for an independent comic?

Elisa: I would say a lot! Especially now with all the printing and distribution issues due to the paper shortage! Several publishers decided to not do second printings anymore, so please pre-order your comics to be sure to get your copy!

How did you pick the artists for the alternative covers for the series?

Elisa: Actually, the artist for all the alternative covers is Iolanda (Since she’s a cover artist too!) For issue #1 we asked for an additional cover to our super-talented colleague Mirka Andolfo!


Do you have a favourite scene from the first issue?

Iolanda: The scene I love the most in the first issue is the same one I used to keep talking about with my closest friends when I was creating the story. That in the last pages of issue #1, so I have to force myself to not talk about it to avoid spoilers!

What are you currently reading?

Elisa: I’m reading some Bande Dessinée at the moment! I love Blacksad books and Julie Rocheleau’s art style! While speaking of comics, we’re both very excited for Saga’s return!

Iolanda: I’m writing scripts for a new story at the moment, and If I only open a comic while I’m doing this I end up seeing it only as a work documentation so I can’t actually relax! (Haha-) So I’m re-reading old books instead, such as Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.


Any message for the ComicBuzz readers?

Iolanda and Elisa: Thank you so much for buying and supporting independent comics and for trusting new creators!

We would like to say a big thank you to Iolanda and Elisa for taking the time to chat with us and we wish them the best of luck with the launch of A Thing Called Truth #1 this week. 

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