Colorfiction ‘s 0°N 0°W – Releases March 1st

Mysterious and ambitious indie title will release on Steam 1st March 2018

25 JANUARY 2018 – Developer Colorfiction has revealed the release date for its ambitious upcoming indie game, 0°N 0°W, in a brand new teaser trailer unveiled today.

Pronounced “Zero North, Zero West” (and named after the coordinates of the fictional Null Island), 0°N 0°W is a first-person surreal exploration adventure of visual auditory stimuli. Experience entirely non-linear gameplay in an awe-inspiring open world where everything you see is accessible. There are no barriers or invisible walls to block your curiosity; walk to the very edge of the world, and see what happens…

0°N 0°W has been steadily gaining attention on the global expo scene as well as being picked up for coverage by the likes of PC Gamer. The new trailer gives another tantalising taste of the mystery that lies within the game, which is set to release on 1st March 2018.

About 0°N 0°W

A cross-country road trip strands you in a mysterious town lost amidst the towering mesas and swaying dunes of the great wild west. Will you beckon the glowing call of its lone storefront and embark on a fantastical multidimensional walkabout through space and time?

Experience a beautiful environment where nothing is what it seems, a cosmic labyrinth where doors always lead to different destinations, an anomalous zone where mass gingerly defies gravity, a universe of inspiration, of dreams, of everything and nothing. Experience 0°N 0°W.


About Colorfiction

Colorfiction is an independent game software developing company working among the primeval misty forests of New England, where deer, raccoons, suburbanites and witches dwell alike in somewhat bucolic communion among forgotten farmlands riddled with undulating ancient rock walls. With a diverse ample background of boolean and resonating wave shaping in trimensional space, they enjoy investigating the interstitial zone between art and technology.




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