Cold Spots #1 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Mark Torres

Colorist: Mark Torres

Lettering: Simon Bowand

Cover: Mark Torres

Publisher: Image Comics




If there’s only one thing Cullen Bunn will ultimately be known for, it’s clearly going to be that he writes really damn good horror stories. Cullen launches his latest horror story with art by Mark Torres, and I’m still chilled by it.

After a ghostly opening with a pair of characters I’m sure we’ll catch up on later, we head to the big city. Dan Kerr returns to the home of his ex’s father to find his ex has disappeared… along with his (previously unknown) daughter. Mister Warren’s butler informs him of where they were heading and his follows. Once he reaches the small town of Ferry Landing, he encounters the horror first hand when he finds a resident frozen solid!


Like I said, Cullen knows how to craft a scary story. The opening scene is absolutely chilling (pardon the pun). He actually takes the temperature comparisons that often pop up in paranormal horror and makes them literal too. It’s a cool and very scary touch.

Dan is an interesting protagonist, as his two worlds collide. It’s never clear what he does for a living (I assume bounty hunter) but the story quickly makes it clear that he’s very good at finding people. His drive to find the daughter he never knew adds a lot of fuel to the story, and makes his motivations a lot stronger.


Torres’s work is great here. He reminds me a lot of Ben Templesmith, though he’s not just a look-alike by any means. His use of color adds a lot to the feel and atmosphere of the story. His line is a little sketchy, but very clear overall. His design for the ghosts is so scary too.

This is a very creepy, very good debut. I would check this one out!

Overall: 8.5 out of 10

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