Clue #2 Review

Clue #2 Review

Writer: Paul Allor

Artist: Nelson Daniel

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Cover: Nelson Daniel

Publisher: IDW Publishing


Murder most foul.

We rejoin the dinner guests as they are being interrogated by the detectives. The meekest of them, Professor Plum, is in the hot seat, and beginning to show a more desperate side. The others are locked away in separate rooms, awaiting their turn to be grilled, and demanding outrageous accommodations from the butler, Upton.

Clue #2 2

We check in with each guest over the course of the issue, mostly to hear them complain about the situation. Besides Plum and Orchid, no one does much to move the story forward. There are a few comedic bits, mostly dealing with Mr. Green (Martin Shkreli) but this issue had less charm than the previous chapter. Much of the issue actually revolves around Detective Ochre as he makes his way through the house and suspects, slowly overturning the mystery. I poured over the pages looking for any actual clues to the culprits, but the only thing I noticed was that they’re all in colored rooms corresponding to their monikers, except for Professor Plum in the orange room. I’m not convinced that means much, but everything else in the panels seems so meticulous that a small departure from the pattern became noticeable. I believe I know at least one of the attackers, but only time will tell.

There isn’t much to say about the art that I didn’t say in last issue’s review, but Nelson Daniel is still doing a great job with his stylized pages. He’s exhibiting a knowledge for cartooning that bring the characters to life (and death).

Clue #2 3

This is somewhat of a “bridge” chapter, getting us from one place to another, but Daniel’s art makes it an enjoyable read. I wasn’t quite as impressed as I was with the first issue, but anyone that knows this property understands things are going to go down eventually, so I’ll stick with this title in the hopes that this was just some necessary rearranging of game pieces.

Overall: 6/10






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