Clothing Store Simulator Review

Developer: Kiki Games

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulation, Casual

Publisher: KiKi Games


Clothing Store Simulator is a simulation game that delves into the world of fashion. This game was developed and published by Kiki Games. This game is very similar to other simulator games such as Supermarket Simulator and many more. The game is also still in Early Access. This game is only available for Windows. 


Clothing Store Simulator is a single-player game where you are the new owner of a clothing store. In the game, you are required to furnish and upbuild your business through decor and sales and gain as much profit as possible. The game gradually increases where, at first, it is difficult to make sales, but then the profit starts to roll in. With the profit you make, you can upgrade the items and clothing to make even more profit. 


The controls for Clothing Store Simulator are fairly simple and very easy to get used to. Mostly, everything can be done through the click of your mouse; on top of that, understanding the mechanics of the game is very easy as well. When starting the game, there is a ‘welcome tutorial’ that allows players to familiarise themselves with what needs to be done around the store and how certain things work. The visuals of the game are a blend of cartoon yet realistic looks with many unique elements to create an amazing clothing store. The soundtrack was nothing out of the ordinary, mainly when playing this game; we found that listening to your own playlist was a nice touch to the experience. The game is nice because it is free-flowing and gives the players great creative freedom, but the game may not be for everyone. There is no story connection, no interactions with customers, and no real objectives/quests besides Steam achievements (which, in a way, can interest people in aiming for a 100% completionist game), which may not be suited for everyone. Though with that being said, it makes the gaming experience very laid back with no worries. There is an overall objective where you do not want to overprice items or go bankrupt, but it can all be avoided whilst having fun.  


There are ways in which this game is quite fun, and that is through the levelling system it incorporates. Through the level-ups, you can unlock newer furniture and floor space and unlock more warehouses. The game has certain level marks where it assists the player with many mechanics. For example, after level 15, you unlock a cashier; at level 20, you can unlock restockers that make managing the floor and items a lot easier for the player. On top of that, at first, you only have a select number of items to sell, which later leads to more and more brand deals that allow you to sell an array of items. Even through the automation of certain sections on the store floor, you can waltz around doing the tasks you need throughout the day before, during and after opening your store. The game also lets you customise your store name and colours, but a feature I quite enjoyed was customising my own clothing items. The customisation for the clothes allows players to mess around with a select number of colours and stickers, but something that was so fun to mess around with was being able to upload your own image to add to the clothing piece. It was fun messing around with this, and it added more to the gaming experience. Personally, this game is nice and relaxing and is something you can easily hop back into when you want to try something different. It may not be a game for everyone, but it is definitely worth the try.


Clothing Store Simulator is a great managing game where you can let your creativity run wild whilst designing your store to make the maximum profit on a day-to-day basis. It gives players a relaxing gaming experience without the worry of reaching certain goals and sales profits but rather level up and design. The game had no visible bugs throughout its playthrough, and with further updates, the game can offer a lot more, so be sure to check out Clothing Store Simulator.

Overall: 7/10

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