Chaos Souls launches on November 7th

Chaos Souls launches on November 7th

Action Sidescroller Chaos Souls launches on Steam this Tuesday November 7th.

Chaos Souls is a 2.5D side-scrolling action game where you play as Eris, who must fight her way through monsters across several different zones to save her sister from demons.



Eris and Petra once lived happily in the forest, believing themselves safe from the invading demon armies. When a devious succubus captures Petra and shatters their illusion of safety, Eris heads to the demons’ stronghold, prepared to risk everything in order to rescue her sister.

Master Eris’s powers, crush every monster in your path, and advance deep into the demons’ territory by absorbing the mysterious energy known as Chaos Souls…


  • Fast Action Combat
  • 3 Unique Zones
  • 6 Unique Boss Fights
  • Customizable Playstyle



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