Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Review

Developer: Treyarch, Raven Software

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X (Reviewed), Xbox Series S, Xbox One

Genre: First-person shooter

Publisher: Activision


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the latest game in the hugely popular franchise of Call of Duty. In this outing, we are in the world of the Cold War in 1981. This game contains a single, multiplayer, and Zombies. It’s back to the classics and staples for COD. The game runs at 120 FPS, 4K Ultra HD with ray-tracing.


The single-player is the mode I always play first despite how much fun multiplayer and zombies is. It’s 1981, the Cold War is in full flow, you work as part of secretive CIA led operatives force who are trying to stop nefarious bad guys who are trying to destroy civilization. The story follows the backstories of agents and how they have been brought together and stop impending doom and nuclear war. There are a variety of level styles in the game from low-key stealth missions to all-out attack. The levels are narrative-driven and tie into the themes of stopping the nuclear war and fleshing out the story. The game draws from the previous COD games and modern FPS games, the level design, environments and levels provide a much-needed variety to keep it interesting. The narrative is interesting and is engaging which tries to contextualise that era. Levels, environments, voice acting are top-notch and evoke the era of Cold War 1981.

However, the campaign mode is short, the focus is on the much loved multiplayer.


Multiplayer is back with a bang if you have played any of the previous games, it will be a very much familiar mode. It contains a whole host of game types Team Deathmatch, Domination and Hardpoint. The new multiplayer mode is VIP Escort which does what it says on the tin, two teams where one is to protect the VIP at all costs and the other to kill the VIP. I have to say, I love the Call of Duty multiplayer games, there are tons of fun with a whole host of gaming types depending on your preference. There is a huge level of character and loadout customisation too. I’m a huge fan of the straightforward Team Deathmatch mode where two teams try to score the most kills. The simplicity of this game type is what makes it so fun.

The horde mode of Zombies is back too. In Zombies, the name of the game is survival against huge hordes of zombies. It’s simple but tons of fun. This mode is particularly action-filled where you build up currency to get perks and weapons that will help you off the zombies coming for you. This mode is crazy, hectic, action-filled and full of zombies.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has the staples that a COD fan expects, it has a solid but short story mode that provides some context to this series outing. The COD franchise is based heavily on the multiplayer and this is where it shines. The multiplayer provides updated maps and some extra tweaks this year. The game is familiar and lots of fun though. There is plenty of playability and replayability in the multi-player game, the main story has little replay value though. The level design, environments and voice acting are all done well. It’s more of the same for COD and it’s players. You can expect adrenaline-fuelled first-person action.

Overall: 7/10

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