C-Smash VRS Review

Developer: Wolf & Wood

Platform: PS VR2

Genre: Music/Rhythm, Sport

Publisher: RapidEyeMovers


C-Smash VRS is a reinvention of a classic Sega Dreamcast game; it’s a Tron-like tennis\squash\badminton VR game with a puzzle element thrown in. The stylised Tron-like neon graphics make this an excellent setting for the battles that will take place on the VR court.

A paddle in one hand to hit a ball across the court is the premise of the game; there are variations from one-player, where you play through a host of puzzles and more complex challenges to win or the online multiplayer option, where you can take on a competitor in a battle mode amongst many other game modes. It’s a tennis simulation mixed with some puzzle elements, too; it’s quite a physical game that requires good hand-eye coordination. If; you like quite a challenging physical VR game, this is a great choice. Like most VR games, the learning curve is steep initially; the minimalist navigation probably doesn’t help this! Within a few rounds, it becomes second nature and very engaging. It’s a difficult-to-put-down game with a variety of challenges making it fun.


The graphics fit the game perfectly; the mixture of minimal bright, dark, and colours give it a unique retros style that reminds me of the film Tron. The sound and effects fit perfectly and help the immersive impact of VR. Using the VR headset and controllers together gives a great experience to the player, highly immersive. The soundtrack is spot-on and fits perfectly.

The game doesn’t require a lot of space which is excellent, as you can use the d-pad to move your character; this is a great touch and makes it more accessible. Similarly, the sit-down mode also plays very well, as you don’t need to move that much if you use the controller to move your character. VR games that use these features make the game accessible to many more players. I found I got no motion sickness which is always a massive plus! The controls are simple and intuitive, which makes for an easy gameplay experience.


Multiplayer mode, the ability to play others, is absent from most VR games I have played. It was fantastic to see this. A substantial positive and selling point for the game. Whilst the first day it was difficult to find players, over the following few days this was less of an issue and it was fantastic to play with human competitors.


There is a lot in this game that I was surprised by; the look and feel will strike you immediately; I love the retro and Tron-like graphics, which make the whole immersion feel like a movie. Supporting both single and multi players games is great to see. Playing other people online in a VR game was novel and something I wanted to do more of. It plays well, doesn’t require a lot of space, and is fun to play. While the minimalist menus can be hard to navigate when you first play, you will soon pick them up. An excellent sports game mixed with lots of puzzles which is great fun—a solid addition to the VR games on PS5.

Overall: 8/10

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