Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

Developer: Avantgarden, Starbreeze Studios

Platforms: PC (Reviewed), PS5, Xbox Series S/X

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Publisher: 505 Games


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is an adventure game. This game was developed by Avantgarden, Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games. Games similar to Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake would be It Takes Two and A Way Out. This review was done for the PC, but the game is also available for Xbox and PlayStation.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is a remake of the original game that came out back in 2013. This remake does not feature any difference from the original game except for enhanced graphics. The game is a single-player, co-op game where you control two brothers, Naia and Naiee, who are sent on a quest to find medicine for their sick father. The gameplay is quite fun as you can control both brothers by yourself or with someone else. We found the controls for the game to be pretty easy to get used to. It is recommended to play the game with a controller as the controls are much easier to play with, but the keyboard works well. The game was fun, being played in both single-player and multiplayer overall; we thought co-op was much more enjoyable as it required great teamwork in solving puzzles.


The visuals of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake have an endearing cartoonish look which seems like something out of fairytale stories. The graphics for the remake are very new and bright and look extremely nice. The landscapes that you come across in this game are exceptionally beautiful and look so realistic. The remake of the original game seems to have put a lot more realistic features to the game, especially when it comes to the expressions of the characters.


We also loved the character designs as they are so unique, and each encounter has a unique personality and different story. The visuals highly complement the soundtrack and sound effects in this game because the voice-acting is all in Lebanese Arabic, making it so that the players understand the story through the character’s expressions, gestures, and interactions. At first, we were quite surprised, thinking that maybe the game was set to the wrong language and that there were no subtitles, but it added to the bonding experience between these two brothers. The orchestral soundtrack, a mix of many instruments playing in such a fine tune throughout the game, was so calming to listen to. One of the favourite parts that allow the player to really take in the remarkable visuals is the designated benches, which is a fun touch added by the developers.


What we really liked about this game was how each brother had his respective skill to bring to the journey ahead. Naiee, who is the younger brother, has a smaller frame, which allows him to squeeze through tight railings, and Naia has the strength of an older brother, allowing him to lift his brother over cliffs and more. The game consists of various puzzles that need to be solved to progress through the story, but most of the puzzles are not as challenging. The main component of puzzles had to do with some variation between trekking through the environment and pulling levers, which did not add much complexity. We mainly wish that there were more puzzles added to the game, maybe a bit more complexity, as from the original game, it seemed to be the same. The upgraded graphics are nice, but more could have been done with this remake, making it a bit lacking. The game also is not as long; it roughly took 4 hours to complete, which may be a bit disappointing for players. Overall, we found the game to be quite fun. Single-player at first may seem a bit confusing, but it’s an interesting way to play the game. The couch co-op was definitely the most fun, as it required good communication to time certain stuff. The best part about this game is that you can easily switch from co-op to single-player if your partner is getting too frustrated in a certain part. The game does entail that its optimal play is in single-player, but we do not think couch co-op takes away from this at all.


If you want to play an adventure game where you can control two brothers on a journey to find medicine, then this must be the game for you. You can play by yourself or with another player and take on various puzzles in visually outstanding landscapes and a surreal soundtrack. Thus, check out Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake!

Overall: 7/10

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