Brilliant Indie Treasures Showcase Announced

Brilliant Indie Treasures shines a light on undiscovered indie game gems with a new showcase event!

We’re proud to announce Brilliant Indie Treasures – a new indie event brand, with hand-selected indies picked by a trio of video games industry veterans, and given the spotlight 100% for free at various future events.

With the rapidly changing state of the video games industry at the moment, it is often the smaller, passionate indie game developers who are hit the hardest while still trying to achieve visibility and find publishing deals, with the few opportunities available often charging more than small teams are financially able to afford.

BITs is run by Dann Sullivan, Jupiter Hadley, and Quang Nguyen – three industry veterans known specifically for their long-time support of indie games and developers across the scale, with a background in running and supporting well-known events, and now branching off to run their own to maximise their support of indie games. With combined experience amounting to decades, the BITs team is a purely passion-driven group aiming to simply support indies.

The first inaugural event will take place this Summer, on Wednesday, July 10th at 4-8pm in Brighton (UK) coinciding with the Develop games industry event by the seaside, and just a few minutes walk away from the event.

50+ games will be on show from across the scale of “indie” – from already beloved anticipated titles, to new upcoming indie treasures to keep your eye on. We hope to have the video games industry’s press, publishers, scouts, and developers alike at our first event!

BITs is still open for submissions – indie developers can submit their game via the form on our website. We are also still looking for event sponsors; we only aim to recoup our running costs and to make the event as amazing as possible.

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