Bread & Fred Swings onto PC Today

Apogee’s Co-op Platformer Bread & Fred Swings onto PC Today

1.4 Million Demo Downloads, 400,000 Wishlists, Countless Faceplants, Unlimited Laughs


Barcelona, Spain — May 23, 2023 — Bread & Fred, the co-op platformer developed by Sand Castles Studio and published by Apogee Entertainment, jumps onto PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG today.

After a demo release with over 1.4 million downloads and more than 400,000 wishlists, Bread & Fred opens up the mountain for the full 1.0 climbing experience today. Reach new heights and execute tandem leaps in a cute-yet-challenging, perilous platforming adventure.

Tether to a friend in couch co-op and online multiplayer via Steam remote play, and get in perfect sync to jump, cling and swing across massive gaps and brain-teasing obstacles. Progress from simple snow to moving platforms and crumbling floors in the cavernous Mines. Test Bread & Fred’s plucky perseverance in the face of blustering winds and slippery ice. When co-op buddies feel like dead weight, tether to a literal dead weight with Jeff the rock for a single-player solo-climb.

Timing is key to conquer cliffs and chasms in unison, as one misstep can send both penguins comically careening down the mountain, often in hilarious penguin-pounding plummets. Use in-game emotes to count down to every jump, and play a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who takes the lead. After the inevitable falls, re-climb back to previously reached heights, or ease the icy pain of lost progress with assist options like placeable checkpoints and infinite jumps.

Learn the basics and test out advanced ice-climbing techniques with a handy movement guide, and piece together a story of persistence by completing special missions that unlock collectibles, skins, artwork and achievements. For ice-veined dynamic duos and solo climbers that plant their flag on the peak, compete against the world’s best in Speedrun mode.

Experience a dynamic music system across 4 distinct zones, and chill out to the wintery vibes of the Bread & Fred original soundtrack by Tomás Palazzi, now available on Steam and coming to Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms soon.

“The first time we saw Bread & Fred, we knew we were witnessing a truly special game,” said Scott Miller, CCO and Founder of Apogee Entertainment. “1.4 million gamers have laughed breathlessly while making their way up the mountain, and we are honored to have supported the development of such an amazing gaming experience.”

Bread & Fred is available now on Steam for PC, Epic Games Store and GOG for $14.99. To learn more about Bread & Fred and Sand Castles Studios, visit the official website, and keep up with Apogee Entertainment by following their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Discord.

About Sand Castles Studios

Sand Castles Studios is a group of three indie developer friends based out of Barcelona, Spain. With a deep love for multiplayer games of all types, Sand Castles Studios’ goal is to innovate within the cooperative gaming genre and create brand-new experiences for everyone to enjoy.
For more information, please visit the official website.

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