Bouncy Bob Released on Steam

Bouncy Bob Released on Steam

Bouncy Bob a new “party” platform game – appeared on the Steam platform. This is an indie production that stands out with its original climate, one key control and refers to 2D German expressionism graphics. A total of more than 20 different arenas are waiting for players, intended for playing in single-player and local multiplayer modes.

Bouncy Bob was created by a handful of people from the All Those Moments studio. The publishers are Ultimate Games and PlayWay. As the creators explained, the very idea behind this simple arcade game was created in the free time from working on other games.

Bob is a friendly gnome. He and creatures like him are by nature bouncing creatures. To jump somewhere or on one of the enemies to eliminate it, you have to press the key at the right time. The longer you press the key, the stronger the bounce will be. While in flight we can – by quickly pressing the key – soar even higher. Bouncy Bob was created for people who like indie games with a twist, slightly quirky graphics, climatic music (composed by Piotr Surmacz) and unusual control” says game designer Wojciech Witowski, who is responsible for the production.

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In the single-player mode 16 different arenas have been prepared, where the goal is to eliminate a certain number of the vampires, mummies, skeletons or creatures turned into zombies (hares, crabs and bats). This can be done by bouncing on the enemy or by activating special elements located in the arenas (such as grenades and flying blades). Each opponent is a different type of risk and requires the right approach. It takes on average about 3 hours to complete all the levels.

What is important is that the developers did not foresee standard levels of difficulties. Bouncy Bob does, however, have three speed modes to choose from. The slowest setting gives the player more time for precise jumps, while in the other modes the time is less.

The philosophy behind Bouncy Bob was at first created primarily for multiplayer fun. There are 6 arenas, on which locally one can compete with 2 to 4 persons.

It is a great proposition for casual meetings with friends and an interesting idea to bring some variety to the event. The clashes are quick and intense, and the cartoon style and humorous convention add all the charm. This is confirmed by the opinions of testers who checked the game before the premiere” added Wojciech Witowski.

According to the creators, including Andrzej Noworol who is responsible for programming, after the premiere, Bouncy Bob will be enriched further with new arenas for both modes.

The new game of All Those Moments debuted on Steam October 24, 2017. The suggested price is 4.99 USD/EUR/GBP.

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