Bounce Back Review

Written By: Misako Rocks!

Illustrated By: Misako Rocks!

Page Count: 272 pgs

Genre: Childrens’ Literature

Reading Age: 9 – 13 years

Format: Paperback, Hardback

Published By: Feiwel & Friends

Release Date: 16th November 2021

Lilico is a young Japanese school girl, who is enjoying life. She is the captain of her school’s Basketball team, has a great group of friends and a loving family. Just as she begins preparing for her teams competitions, her Dad announces that he just got promoted and they will be packing up and relocating to America very soon. Devastated with the shocking news, the day comes when Lilico has to say goodbye to her best friends and the life she always knew. Now she must adjust to the American way of life, a new school, a second language and overcoming the many challenges she is sure to face. Including the school bully – Nala!

‘Bounce Back’ is the latest children’s graphic novel from the folks over at Feiwel & Friends. This story focuses on Lillico, a Japanese school girl whose life is turned upside down when her family relocates to Brooklyn, New York. Now in a different country and culture, Lillico must not only learn to adapt to the English language but also having to start all over again making friends. Inevitably she finds support in her new fashionable friend Nala and DBZ fan Henry. Through their friendship and support, as well as Lillico’s pet cat Nicco suddenly learning to talk – she starts gaining the confidence needed to try and join the school’s Basketball team. It isn’t smooth sailing by any means, with complicated friendships, juggling new friends with teammates and trying not to fall under the pressure of being the new kid in school. There is alot going on in Lillico’s life, and this is sure to act as a life lesson for many young readers out there. Either to help them through similar situations or perhaps give them a different perspective on how it feels to be the new kid in class.


There is plenty of excitement and drama to be had in this book, including a little budding romance as well. A great book to have for young athletes who love a good story. Or even for those that have more of an unstable living situation, that tend to transfer schools fairly often. It’s still a perfectly good read for those who don’t fall into either of those categories. You can quickly connect with the characters, it’s especially enjoyable for those that have an interest in anime, as the book has included references to both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z.


‘Bounce Back’ was both written and illustrated by author Misako Rocks! Who is the creator of other titles including ‘Biker Girl’ and ‘Rock and Roll Love’. A self-taught artist from a family of law-enforcement officials, Misako moved to the United States from Japan as a teenager and draws inspiration for this story through her own experiences. She now resides in Brooklyn, New York and has also been teaching manga at my online community called ‘Learn Manga with Misako!’ Which is aimed at teaching kids from ages 7 to 11 years old –

‘Bounce Back’ will be available to buy from your local bookshop and your favourite online retailers from the 16th November, perfect for an extra Christmas present.

Overall: 8/10

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