Borough of Churches: The Beginning – Kickstarter

Borough of Churches: The Beginning

Written By: Adam Cheal

Artist: Amrit Birdi

Colorist: Michael Summers

Lettering By: Mindy Lopkin

Cover A: Dee Cunniffe, Jimbo Salgado

Cover B: Renzo Rodriguez Joaquin Pereyra


Charlie Swanson was a New York City cop, wife and mother. Whose family history involves dark encounters with bloodthirsty vampires and working with the Borough of Churches, in their mission to save the World from evil. Charlie begins to uncover her past and the dealings her family has had with this organisation of religious knights, as she herself recites her eventful & unique life story.

Now this certainly is an interesting read, and I do look forward to the full story when it gets published. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the preview copy, which introduced me to Charlie Swanson and her story. Charlie is the narrator of this comic, and is clearly in a very different place in her life from where the comic begins. A very promising start, to what I hope will be a very well received series.


We first meet Charlie Swanson, by name in the opening pages. As she leaves her signature on the bottom of a document, welcoming a new recruit (the reader) into the Borough of Churches organisation. With a quick introduction to what the Borough is and its foundations, as well as her own family connection to it. At the end of the letter, you will see that Charlie has signed as the Head of the Borough of Churches. So clearly a lot has happened since Charlie left the police force. As to what exactly happened to her career and ideal family life is yet to be fully explored upon. This can all be made possible, if people donate towards its publication. As a Kickstarter campaign will be starting this weekend, aiming towards getting this published. More on that to follow down below.

Vampires, Demons, Hunters and iconic killing techniques, such as stakes and holy water all feature within this short preview to the series. It has already grabbed my attention and I will personally be following the KickStarter when it gets going. With swords and ancestors sending vampire heads flying, and a gun, where if you whisper the name of a person to it, the bullet will always find its target. The action is clearly evident, and in just a teaser, I want to know what else the creators are holding in store for us.


Borough of Churches is created by Writer Adam Cheal. Aside from being a craft beer brewer, he is also a comic book writer. His works include the Redemption Heights, Toxic Storm and Terminus at Fenton’s Green comics. In this latest venture, Adam is accompanied by bestselling illustrator Amrit Birdi. Many of you may recall his name, as I have reviewed several of his works before, including Joe Sugg’s Username:Evie series and F2’s Galaxy of Football.

The Kickstarter is launching at 6pm GMT / 1pm EST / 10AM PST on Sunday 11th March 2018. Kickstarter link is not available at time of writing, but keep an eye on the twitter links below for more updates.

Adam Cheal:
Amrit Birdi:
Vixen Ninetails:

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about the comic, then here is the link to read the same preview as I did. For FREE!


Now a few words from the creators:

“We’re not looking to break everyone’s banks or rule the world with our funding requirement of £2750.00 for an 80-page (68 pages of story) softback graphic novel, which is modest by comparison. The most important thing for us is to get this book made.”

There are even talks of stretch goals if the Kickstarter gains enough interest, which I know it will!

I will hold off on giving a final score of the series, until I read the full comic. But everyone, it looks incredibly promising! It has already made its way to the top of my list! So get on Twitter, follow the accounts and keep your notifications on!


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