Blooming Business: Casino Review

Developer: Homo Ludens

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Publisher: Curve Games


Blooming Business: Casino is a relaxing tycoon simulation game. This game was developed by Homo Ludens and published by Curve Games. Similar games to Blooming Business: Casino would be Sims or Zoo Tycoon. The game plays very similarly to other tycoon games but has its share of unique aspects. This review was done on the PC.

Blooming Business: Casino is a single-player game where you; get to run and build many fantasy casinos in the setting of retro Vegas. The Casino gets jam-packed with many animals, drama and danger. You start off as buying a casino from a man who was about to go bankrupt, and he shows you the ropes on; how to build and own a casino. From there, your casino journey building starts, and you get to progress through a story as you go about building up more and more casinos. As your progress through different areas of the game, you are also given text options which act to a much more interactive experience. Text options followed with a clear story; are not found in many tycoon games, so this aspect was very interesting in this game.


The controls to Blooming Business: Casino were extremely easy to get a hang of. When starting the game: you are shown the main controls and how to work around everything. All you really need to do is use your mouse and keyboard. The main pointers are to use the mouse to point and click on objects as you build your casino. The controls are not an issue whatsoever which makes the game very easygoing.

The art style of this game is cute and vibrant! The customers/personas you interact with are all animals, and they are dressed so fancy, which is adorable. Everything in the game is so well detailed, especially with the objects, furniture, decorations, and building spaces being clean and having this cartoon look to them. The art style of this game is very pleasing to look at and really does create a relaxing environment. The game is vibrant and full of colour and character. The character designs would have to be my favourite because the animals all wear tuxedos or dresses, which adds an amusing; environment to the game. In some sense, it’s like you’re in charge of this animal casino that you would see in animated movies. There is a lot that can be; done in this game, and the creativity is flowing once you start playing it. The soundtrack that plays throughout the game is also very lovely as it is heavily piano focused and mainly the type of music that would be played at casinos. Classically, instrumental and elegant. The sound effects, too, from gaining money to purchasing items and hearing that *ding* sound truly, add to the relaxing atmosphere of this game.


The game was overall pretty good, but I wish there was a bit more to it; then again, I understand it is a tycoon-building game, but maybe; a little something else. The whole game is just building a bunch of casinos with a bigger budget and more things than the last time. The point is for you to make enough money to owe to the mob bosses you are in debt to, and the game can definitely, be slow at times. What takes away from the relaxing experience of this game would have to be the glitches that seem to pop up. Sometimes while building, the game doesn’t recognise your building and thinks that you are building, outside the perimeter, thus creating a border saying out of bounds. Another glitch would be how, at times, I am trying to hire employees, and it does not recognize the action, so I have to quit the game and get back in again. Also, it would be better for automatic save because when I go into save, a permanent message pops up saying allow client entry and does not leave my cursor. This; happens with other words, too which, do not leave the screen for about 10 minutes making, it very distracting from the game.

I also wish that the game was more based; on owning one casino, which you got to build up and make popular to where you could go international in a way, rather than having to build multiple ones over and over. What I do; like about this game is the information on how everything is meant to be. So, after you complete one casino, it transitions to a talking scenario which moves you over to the next casino. While going into a casino, it tells you what you have to do for the person and why you’re buying the casino. It also has a book for client information on what they like and what they don’t like. There are also VIP customers that you have to make sure they like your casino as they will spend the most money at it. The character interaction and having this relationship building with the customers is a feature I really like about the game, but I; do have to say most glitches did sometimes ruin the overall experience.


Blooming Business: Casino is a relaxing tycoon game; that you can play by yourself when you want to wind down. You get to; let your creativity flow and build up casinos to make money and progress through a story. The visuals and soundtrack are elegant, which; can put you in the ultimate casino mood. So, if you want to try out a well-themed tycoon game, then definitely go check out Blooming Business: Casino now!

Overall: 6.5/10

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