Blackhand & Ironhead Volume 2 #1 Review

Created By: David López

Colorist: Kike J. Díaz

Script Tutor: David Munoz

English Translation: Alejandro Arbona

Cover By: David López

Format: Digital

Published By:

Release Date: Available Now


Alexia is the next in line to inherit ‘The Foundation’, an organisation that has regulated Superheroes and Villains into fighting in cage matches for the public’s safety & entertainment. Although Alexia only wishes to be just a superhero, whose job is to solely help the weak and vulnerable. Her Father – Iron Head, has other plans for his daughter.

He plans on making her the next Iron Head, with a new look – one far from the physique she was born with. Not long after this ‘conversation’, the great Iron Head suffers a ‘fatal heart attack’. It is only on the day of his funeral, does Alexia meet her half sister Amy – Daughter of the late Villianis: Black Hand. Together they go through some family history, uncover The Foundation’s secrets and try to uncover the reason that their father faked his own death. This and more twisted family secrets get revealed, but will the sisters still stick together for the greater good or will Alexia once again go back to her fathers side?


Volume 2 has just begun with single issues, which follows on from the explosion ending of Volume 1: Issue 5. The girls are now on the opposite side of the law, they still help civilians out whenever they can but are just constantly on the run now. Superheroes are now getting involved in politics, with one such hero now running for President! ‘The Hound’ has now handed himself into the police, but is faced with a different atmosphere than what he was expecting from the force. Just who could be behind it all? Whilst the sisters are still on the run and it looks like its not just the Police that is after them now!


‘Blackhand & Ironhead’ has a unique style of artwork, where the character designs remind me a lot of the Batman Animated series just for facial expressions, whereas the background of the city just on the first set of pages reminds me more of Futurama. Its an odd mix but it just struck me more as I was reading it. The character design for Alexia however does bring back memories of when I used to see Squirrel Girl making the odd appearance in the Marvel comics back in the early 2000’s. More of a ‘real woman’ shape to the character, nothing wrong with that! This girl can also throw a punch and stand her ground in a fight – now that I can respect! Anyway, artwork has been top notch, and it’s not only humans that feature in this story as we also have a dimensional villain as well that just resembles an alien looking Indian deity? Kind of hard to describe now that I put it into words. Then we have Amy who has a whole style of her own! Very original, punkish with a cracking attitude! This series was also originally published online on, with Image Comics now giving it its first print release.

So if you enjoy the likes of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, then I would highly suggest checking out ‘Blackhand & Ironhead’. Volume 1 is currently available, which contains the entire five issues that made up that section. This review is of Volume 2: Issue 1, of what would be called ‘Season 2’. Both of which are available to buy directly from the link below. Also make sure to check out your local comic book shop for future issues! I’m interested to see how far this series will go and how it will ultimately end for this super-powered family.

Overall: 7/10

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