Blackhand & Ironhead Volume 1 Review

Created By: David López

Colorist: Nayoung Kim

Script Tutor: David Munoz

Logo and Design: Cristina Castan

English Translation: Stephen Blanford

English Lettering: Fernando Fuentes

Page count: 166pgs

Format: Hardcover /

Published By: Image Comics / Digital

Release Date: Available Now


Alexia is the next in line to inherit ‘The Foundation’, an organisation that has regulated Superheroes and Villains into fighting in cage matches for the public’s safety & entertainment. Although Alexia only wishes to be just a superhero, whose job is to solely help the weak and vulnerable. Her Father – Iron Head, has other plans for his daughter.

He plans on making her the next Iron Head, with a new look – one far from the physique she was born with. Not long after this ‘conversation’, the great Iron Head suffers a fatal heart attack. It is only on the day of his funeral, does Alexia meet her half sister Amy – Daughter of the late Villianis: Black Hand. Together they go through some family history, uncover The Foundation’s secrets and try to avoid being arrested by the Law.

Well now, this was quite an interesting comic. It reminds me a bit of Jupiter’s Legacy, which I watched last month over on Netflix. In that it deals with the superheroes as the main characters, the pressure, tough decisions and expectations that are placed upon them. Especially the second generation of heroes that are born with powers, such as Alexia and Amy. Where they are the products of their parents’ relationships, and the choices of their shared father IronHead. Who was known and respected as a patriot, a great Man who saved the World with a handful of heroes by his side. The secrets his daughters uncover reveal the truth behind how that was all made possible. You truly have to pick up this collected Volume, if you want to uncover all the juicy secrets for yourself, as even revealing one is just a massive spoiler.


The newly reunited sisters are two ends to the same coin, although their upbringings and personalities are solely different from one another. They ultimately are drawn to helping the other out of tough situations, even after having a scrap or parting ways. Alexia has a massive conscience and knows exactly what is ‘right from wrong’, whereas Amy is trying her best to just look after herself. All she wants is her Mother’s old car, one that could neutralize her powers whilst inside of it. Truly a one of a kind vehicle that can at least give her a moment of normality. Their common ground soon becomes the task of uncovering the Foundations secrets, as well as trying to stop an all too familiar face from gaining complete control & power. So this story so far has immense Daddy issues, half-siblings showing up, unjust incarceration, some fine lines between justice and law, a corrupt system and a whole other plot that would just spoil the series if I mentioned it now – and that is just the first arc!

‘Blackhand & Ironhead’ has a unique style of artwork, where the character designs remind me a lot of the Batman Animated series just for facial expressions, whereas the background of the city just on the first set of pages reminds me more of Futurama. Its an odd mix but it just struck me more as I was reading it. The character design for Alexia however does bring back memories of when I used to see Squirrel Girl making the odd appearance in the Marvel comics back in the early 2000’s. More of a ‘real woman’ shape to the character, nothing wrong with that! This girl can also throw a punch and stand her ground in a fight – now that I can respect! Anyway, artwork has been top notch, and it’s not only humans that feature in this story as we also have a dimensional villain as well that just resembles an alien looking Indian deity? Kind of hard to describe now that I put it into words. Then we have Amy who has a whole style of her own! Very original, punkish with a cracking attitude! This series was also originally published online on, with Image Comics now giving it its first print release.

So if you enjoy the likes of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, then I would highly suggest checking out ‘Blackhand & Ironhead’. Volume 1 is currently available, which contains the entire five issues that made up that section. Which is available to buy directly from the link below. Also make sure to check out your local comic book shop for future issues!

Buy now:

Overall: 8/10


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