Black Science #32 Review

Black Science #32 Review

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Matteo Scalera
Colors: Moreno Dinisio
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Cover: Matteo Scalera
Publisher: Image Comics


The Eververse is collapsing in on our world, but can the Grant family repair itself in time to stop it?

After the last issue ended in dire straits, the dimensionauts begin to rally and repel the millipede death cult’s invasion. After being lost in separate dimensions for years, the team finds each other on Earth just as the invasion is taking hold. Grant’s daughter Pia has recovered his intellect from the witch and is struggling to repair their pillar as the rest of the team battles a menagerie of interdimensional adversaries.

Black Science #32 2

While any issue of this book could be used as an example of a creative team working in complete harmony (which you need to operate an interdimensional pillar!), this issue is especially triumphant. Remender hits us with a wave of family problems, without allowing it to become heavy-handed. The family has begun to realize you have to embrace your loved ones, not just for their best traits, but even when they’re at their worst.

Anyone who’s been reading this series since the beginning knows that Matteo Scalera is beyond critique. Not only has he been consistent throughout, but has sharpened his craft to a fine edge. His scratchy, inky style is one of the most kinetic in the industry, and he properly displays the heroic, terrifying or downtrodden nature of each character through the visuals alone. Oh, and if you’re someone who loves speedlines, you’ll certainly get your fill here.

Black Science #32 3

As we draw closer to the inevitable ending, Black Science ramps up the action. Remender has done a wonderful job of setting up his dominoes, now we all get to enjoy it as everything tumbles towards the conclusion. This was a particularly good issue, with one of the best cliffhangers I’ve seen in awhile, and a five-eyed, six-armed, interdimensional ape-god that wants to rip everyone’s face off, for good measure.

Overall: 9/10



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